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Monthly Archives: December 2012

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​ is a cutting-edge social networking medium for social buying, social selling, and social information gathering.  Our “circles” allow people with similar goals and interests to come together and leverage their power as a group.  For instance, users on Kungphoo can:

  • Create or join a circle to research a specific product or technology.
  • Keep up to date on price changes, sales, and discounts for specific items.
  • Promote, discuss, or review an event
  • Review products, and make purchasing decisions based on those reviews
  • Discuss local and national news in a group setting
  • Much, much more.

In fact, whatever your interest, you can find or create a circle and become part of a larger community with the same interest as you.  With, you’re limited only by your imagination.

​In today’s world, it’s impossible to ignore the influence of social networking.  The explosive growth of cellular and WiFi networks have made participating in social media an everyday activity, and the constant introduction of new Internet-enabled technologies like netbooks, smartphones, tablets, and Internet television ensures that social networking will only continue to increase in scope in years to come.

Now, has brought the social networking concept to a new level.   Instead of merely keeping in touch with friends and relatives, savvy Kungphoo users are able to combine the scope of their various social groups to research products, sell goods and services,  access the latest news, and join together to pursue and promote similar interests.

The key is collaboration.  Social buying, social selling, and social information gathering are sure to be an integral part of commerce, both on and off-line, and Kungphoo is at the forefront of this new frontier in social networking.