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Monthly Archives: January 2013

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When looking for a product or service, especially on the Internet, it’s crucial to know that the company (or individual) you’re buying from is trustworthy.  But how can you be sure?  Lots of companies have product reviews and testimonials, but it can be difficult to judge their legitimacy.  

Now, with, finding out more about a product or company is simple.  Our social information-gathering circles do all the work for you.  Just find — or create — a circle based on your interest, and immediately you can start connecting with others who have the same interest.  Get product reviews from people who’ve already purchased the item… or listen to testimonials from actual customers you can interact with.  Ensure that you have the latest information and most up-to-date product specs. Even interact directly with representatives from the company you’re dealing with.  It’s all possible within our social circles. is proud to be leading the way in the new world of social information-gathering.  Try it for yourself today and see what’s possible.

​At Kungphoo, our tagline is “Brings people together to buy, sell, search, or promote just about anything!”.  At the risk of sounding like we’re bragging, “everything” really is our only limit.

A quick survey of our hot circles illustrates this… we have groups currently discussing diet and health programs, Internet radio advertising, bicycle tune-ups, kitchen and pantry products, auto products, and much, much more.  And unlike traditional advertising, our circles allow members to discuss these products or services with each other prior to (and after) committing to a purchase.  Have questions about a product?  Unsure about details?  Want feedback from others who are already customers?  Kungphoo brings the answers to all of these questions directly to your fingertips.

For social buying, social selling, and social information-gathering, is leading the way into this new frontier of social interaction.

One of the key benefits that social networks have brought to modern life is the ability to keep in touch with friends, family, and individuals, even over great geographical distances and long periods of time.

Now, is pleased to take the next natural step in the progression of social networking: bringing business to the social networking arena through the process of “social selling”. But how does it work?

In essence, social selling is the process of offering your product or service to interested individuals, who then pass the information forward to their friends and colleagues who share these interests.  Much like a YouTube video goes “viral”, information about your product or service gets passed among circles of Kungphoo users looking for your product, who then pass the information even further along among their own social networks.  This process greatly enhances your visibility to the world without the need for more traditional (and expensive) advertising.

Join today and see how you or your company can benefit from social selling today.