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Monthly Archives: March 2013

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​You can use an information circle for anything you choose – whether you’re seeking or broadcasting information you can do it in a circle of people on kungphoo and leverage the power of MANY to get your information out to the masses or in from the masses. 
Kungphoo lets you cross promote through all social networks to maximize exposure.  Maybe you are advertising an estate sale or you are looking to find all the estate sales in your area.  Maybe you are interested in purchasing a franchise and want to talk to other people who have already done it to get through the red tape – that’s just two examples of an information circle, but you can use it for anything – ITS ALL UP TO YOU!  Once your circle is created, kungphoo will broadcast it out through all of its various marketing and social media channels to create immediate exposure for your message.

PS Our Sensei believes in sharing so make sure you share all your circles EVERYDAY! – this will get more people in for your cause, whatever it may be. – Please feel free to email us with any feedback or questions at  We’re rolling out many new features to make Social Commerce EASY for EVERYONE!

​Did you want to chip in for lotto or a gift with your office or anyone, or fundraise for a good cause, but are tired of going around collecting money, jumping through hoops etc.  Do you want to get hundreds of people into a pool to increase odds or chip in for a vacation – you can do this all with kungphoo for FREE  – just open a circle for your desired purpose and you can facilitate it with simplicity through kungphoo.  Link a Paypal default link directly to your SELLING circle & this is very easy to achieve – see “How can I build A default Paypal buy link” here (3rd question down)

If you don’t use paypal, that’s no problem.  The “buy link” field will take any link you throw at in order to help you facilitate. 

The only fees you will pay are from the payment processor you use.  If you have any questions or feedback about how to chip in or fund raise on kungphoo please do not hesitate to email us at

​Running any business is an extremely daunting task. Product and service based companies
are faced with countless variables to consider everyday. The internet in combination with a soft economy has made pricing extremely competitive as consumers are presented with an array of choices, in an assortment of mediums. For large and small business it means they need to differentiate themselves from competitors by staying well ahead of the curve.

Recently, we have seen the advent of multiple web based mediums aiming to create a spike in sales for businesses by offering steep discounts to consumers willing to prepay for deals. This popular medium is utilized to increase repeat purchases since the price offered by the business will usually not be sustainable. In the case where a customer returns post offer to transact business at the normal market price than the deal has paid off.  Although typically, most deal shoppers are simply just that. They hop around from deal to deal so a large percentage of respondents will be lost to the next latest and greatest deal.  This inherent truth inhibits most, if not all repeat purchases. Just think, if everyone just ordered one product from amazon and than went back to shopping in store, how would that fare for their business? Furthermore many shoppers are somewhat hesitant to prepay for anything not related to travel.

What prompts a business to offer a deal, discount, promotion, coupon etc? There can be many expected or unexpected reasons such as a lull in sales, new business ventures, seasonal adjustments, inventory overload, brand awareness etc.  Although some things can be expected, most businesses are dynamic making it necessary to make split second decisions to adjust strategy.   A term we have coined to describe these promotional decisions is “ease-of-use.” Ease of use is the effort that it takes a business to offer a promotion to produce a desired outcome. If they have to jump through hoops to do so and the outcome is not substantial or long-term it could have negative impact.

It’s not to say that prepaid deals don’t produce results.   More so of an issue is that the effort to produce the results may not be worth the outcome, which in some cases could be negative. The complexity of setting up a prepaid offer, managing the logistics, a small if any profit margin and long-term viability of repeating the strategy may not be worth a temporary short term spike in sales. – a self-service medium for businesses to dynamically create offers at any time. So if a Business Manager or Owner is home at midnight and feels the need to offer a promotion they can do so immediately on the fly. Consumers can take advantage of national and local offers without having pre-pay and can also collaborate with each other and merchants to find what they are looking for and get the best deals.


Do you have a product, service or anything that requires a specific number of people to buy in order to achieve a specific price point (or volume discount).  You can facilitate that with a kungphoo circle – Just open a buying circle with the quantity you need.  This should be based on a

predetermined price that you know can be achieved if you have a given amount of buyers.  This can be used for anything (health insurance etc).  When you get the commitment you need you can contact the seller to close the deal OR get the commitments first than contact various sellers, merchants etc and let them know you have committed buyers at a specific price (this gives you more negotiating power).

If you need to link directly into a payment processor in order to facilitate the transaction than you would need to choose “SELLING” as your circle type.  This will give you the ability to enter a link directly to paypal or any other payment processor or website.  When someone joins the circle and hits the

buy this button they will be taken directly to your link.  Hit us up @ to answer any questions or offer feedback about setting up a group buy on kungphoo.

​If you’re looking to purchase or try a specific product/service, try a new restaurant etc and are looking to speak with likeminded individuals – open a circle – get those people inside and converse with them to get the information you need to make that decision.  Maybe they already found what you need, ate

in the restaurant, bought the product, live in the neighborhood, went on the vacation etc. – so speak directly with them for real-time information and avoid the runaround.  Share your circle out to all your social networks to get as many people involved or email it out to all your friends or contacts – ITS UP TO YOU! (just choose “buying” and list a price if you know specifically what you want or need to pay if not leave it blank).

To buy from existing circles, just simply join the circle(s) by dragging your avatar inside and following the seller’s instructions.  Once you’re in you will see the seller’s complete offer, which may contain a link directly to their website, paypal or another checkout page.  You can then speak with the seller or everyone else in the circle publically or privately to see if the offer is right for you and make an educated decision. If you have any questions or feedback regarding how to buy on kungphoo please feel free to email us at

​Did you have a promotion you wanted to list for a deal, coupon etc? Were you turned down by Groupon or Living Social?  OR maybe you realized that their business model was not sustainable for most small businesses that are already having a hard time.  You can list your deal on kungphoo – we don’t cherry pick, we don’t get involved in your business – because after all it’s your business – so YES – You Decide! – you can list a duration 1 – 30 days or choose NO EXPIRE! – & YES – it’s COMPLETELY FREE! – If you have promotion that doesn’t have a specific price attached (such as a grand opening) than you may want to choose information as your circle type. A quick tip is to offer an incentive for people to join your circle – So let’s say your offering 25% off, than you can private message the coupon code to individuals only after they join your circle – now you have a captive audience of customers for future offerings.

If you need to take people outside kungphoo to another website to facilitate your offer, than make sure you choose “selling” as your circle type.  This will give you the option to enter a link to that destination in the “buy link” field.   As soon as someone joins your circle a “buy this” button will appear, that when clicked will take them to that destination you entered.  The buy link can also be used as an incentive for people to join your circle, since the link will only appear when people join. 

PS Our Sensei believes in sharing so make sure you share all your circles EVERYDAY! – this will get more people in for your cause, whatever it may be.  Please feel free to email us with any feedback or questions to  We’re rolling out many new features to make Social Commerce EASY for EVERYONE…..So stay tuned!

​Do you sell on ebay, craigs list, etsy, amazon etc? Great keep doing it! NOW You can also sell on KUNGPHOO – the difference? We’re totally FREE (& totally SOCIAL) – YES –that’s right! – you can list all your products, services, promotions etc and link DIRECTLY to your shopping cart

or website of choice OR DIRECTLY to PAYPAL – its your choice – and its TOTALLY FREE – to link to one of the above mentioned sites or your current website or shopping cart, just enter the link in the “buy link” field when you choose “SELLING” as your circle type. 

When someone joins your circle the “buy this” button will appear.  If the buy link field is left blank no button will appear when people join your circle.  If you want to link directly to PAYPAL and bypass any other sites, it’s very easy, just see “How can I build A default Paypal buy link” here (3rd question down) (this will save you any of the fees being charged by the other sites). 

PS Our Sensei believes in sharing so make sure you share all your circles EVERYDAY! – this will get more people in for your cause, whatever it may be.  Please feel free to email us with any feedback or questions to We’re rolling out many new features to make Social Commerce EASY for EVERYONE!

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