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Monthly Archives: April 2013

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​If you are looking for an Energetic, Educating, Encouraging, Empowering, and Enlightening community, to help you grow your business, then Women in Business Mentoring (WIbM) in the place for you!

However, do not not worry when you see the word – Women!  Of course, Men are welcome 😉  The goal was not to exclude men, but a place where women entrepreneurs could feel comfortable enough to bond while learning how to build their business. 

Our mission at WibM is to inspire, energize, educate, encourage, and empower 

business women to lives of vision, action, persistence, accomplishment, wealth, and charity through a never-ending quest for the discovery and application of truth.  This has become more important as entrepreneurship among

Women-owned businesses in the United States numbered 7.8 million in 2007, generating $1.2 trillion in revenues; this is up from 5.4 million in 1997.  While there is no formal data on just how the recession has affected these numbers, experts anticipate they will

continue to grow as unemployment has increased.  

With unemployment, on the rise, entrepreneurship nationwide and women in particular are looking for more attractive alternatives to the traditional corporate ladder. 

Along with the growth of the Internet and home-based entrepreneurship, 

the push to bring women into male-dominated industries has opened opportunities for women that did not previously exist—has opened millions of young women’s eyes to the opportunity. A recent Sage study showed that half of all women 18-24 want to launch their own ventures.

One key component to this future growth is small business marketing.  Over 44% of study participants stated that social media marketing and search engine optimization were the key area they needed the most help with.  Which is why the focus of WibM is to provide opportunities for business women of diverse occupations to grow personally and professionally through learning from other empowered women how to market and network their business to increase traffic and grow the fan base through blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Women In Business Mentoring

Please connect with WibM:

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Thank You,

Laura Sharp

​While people spent lots of time on social networks (more than 6 hours a month for males and 8 hours a month for females) it still remains a very small source of e-commerce traffic.

Conversion rates and order sizes are also actually much smaller for social referrals compared with Search and Email according to MonetateThe main reason for this is because social purchases are for the most part unintended.  Customers are buying something they didn’t know they wanted. 

So are you wasting your time promoting on social networks; trying to get more likes, tweets, etc.? Probably not, since for the most part Social Commerce is still very much in its infancy and the trend line is pointing in the right direction.

Pinterest seems well-suited for commerce and seems to be trumping the competition.

If you are looking for more Pinterest followers and are willing to follow back than come over and join the Business Pinterest Follower Exchange.


​I am an Independent Consultant Manager with For more than 14 years, has offered programs that help restaurants and businesses gain new customers and more sales with no cost to join! has been in business since 1999 and is now the nation’s largest search engine for restaurants. You are bound to find the Best Deal Every Meal! launched a new program called Double Deals and it is on its way to revolutionizing the shopping industry! is a site geared toward helping restaurants with exposure and filling tables and is FREE to list your restaurant. Double Deals is geared toward helping businesses with advertising and exposure and is FREE to list your business. We also have a great gift card program where businesses are able to purchase our gift cards at considerably less than face value. Our gift cards are being used for fundraising, making your product or service stand out and unique and incentives for employees. If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra money offering these same great programs, working from anywhere, a rewarding career and a lucrative income, become an Independent Consultant with You won’t be sorry you did! 😉

If you are a restaurant owner or a business owner you NEED these programs! Or if you are looking for a rewarding career with a lucrative income contact me today!  Come check out my FREE ADVERTISING PROGRAM circle to contact me or for more info.

Angie Heilgendorf

​Are you fearlessly promoting your business??

We borrowed this term from our good friends over at  This was another one of those terms that made us stop and think. So what does it mean? For the most part it means exactly what it says, but it may actually have more to do with belief than fear.  As such, if you believe in something strong enough you will eliminate a lot of the fear.  If you don’t believe in your business, no one will.  This will come across in conversation, email or any type of communication you have with clients or prospects.  So that may be one of the 1st questions to consider.

The customers are out there and we all know there are tons of tools out there to engage clients or prospects.    At the beginning there is a lot of hand holding that will go on until your business takes on a life of its own (a brand) and even than there will be aggressive marketing to maintain and increase business.  That’s why we still see Coke commercials, even though they have one of the hottest brands in the world.

So make sure you’re using all the tools to fearlessly promote your business (even the telephone).  With all the internet tools we have available today, sometimes we forget that a simple phone call can be very effective and break up the day.  Many of the most successful companies in the world were built over the phone.

Come over to KUNGPHOO and see how our sensei can help you FEARLESSLY PROMOTE!

​OK, so let’s say you bought a new TV, signed up for new health insurance, wanted to eat at that restaurant, or saw a teeth whitening deal you liked, that you found inside the world.  Let’s first take the TV example for a second…You just got a new blu ray player and the instructions you have don’t explain how to program it.  Come back into the KUNGPHOO circle and ask the group if they had a similar experience and get your answers.  Let’s look into the Health Insurance circle, come back to the circle and ask if a certain service is offered in the plan, or anything that would pertain to the plan.  I personally would never purchase a deal for a restaurant or a doctor without getting a recommendation from anyone… Again, come back to the circle and find out how good they are. is Purpose based circles, so when you are looking to retrieve information about anything you can come back to the circle!  On this platform you can do multiple functions like Social Buying, Social Selling, and Social Information Gathering.  This is where you can gather information and come back to it whenever you need to.  It doesn’t matter if you need the information 5 years down the road that information will always be there.  Socially use the circles to your advantage and ask the people in the circle if they can help! 

Kungphoo is billed as a social, community-based website which allows you to buy, sell, discuss, or promote just about anything​… but what does that really mean?

Amazingly, it means exactly what it says.  Kungphoo is built with an intentionally open-ended structure, allowing our users to decide for themselves exactly how the site can be used.  Want to sell a product?  Discuss a topic?  Promote yourself and your business?  Circles can be built around virtually any concept the user desires, and once your circle is created, other users with a similar interest can join you.  Furthermore, you can promote your circle on major social-networking sites such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more, expanding your circle’s reach far beyond it’s initial visibility

Incorporating the latest technology, Kungphoo features some of the most unique and up-to-date innovations in the field of social-buying, social-selling, and social-marking. Check it out for yourself and see the unlimited possibilities.

When we heard the phrase “Authentic Collaboration” it kind of stopped us in our tracks. So what does it mean?  Here’s what we inferred: When like – minded people come together to achieve a desired outcome it has to be authentic.  Everyone has to have a similar outcome in mind for the collaboration to be somewhat successful.  So to put things on perspective – it would make sense for a photographer and wedding planner to run in the same circles or a web developer and a graphic designer.  These are things that just by nature go hand and hand, so it would make sense for these people to be friends on facebook, twitter etc.  But, with these associations comes a lot of noise that we as a social society have somewhat learned to deal with.  By noise we mean arbitrary things that we may not care about, like what this person had for lunch or did on Saturday night.

So if your purpose is more specific, than you may need to avoid a lot of the distractions.  Like for example, let’s say you’re a wedding planner and you want to create a venue of all photographers.  In this instance, you might want to avoid anything that’s not relevant to your purpose . You want to have a venue that just focuses on the topic or purpose at hand.  This is a cleaner way to interact and focus on the desired purpose of the venue. Here’s a chart we found, that explains a lot of the nosie:

Come on over for some good old fashion authentic collaboration

​Traditional sites are costly and unsustainable.  Many solutions require dealing with sales people, meeting stringent requirements or just take too much time! Simply put, they aren’t dynamic! With the rise off Social Commerce, come see what makes kungphoo different.

Have You Heard of Social Leverage?? Leverage is one of those words that can be used in many contexts. For some, when they think of leverage they think of force used to lift or move something.  Others think of leverage in a financial sense where you can borrow against funds for more leverage or the power to negotiate a better deal than another party because of some advantage you hold.

Whatever your leverage is in any situation you want to make sure you’re exploiting it (legally and for some morally of course).  Leverage also comes in the power of numbers as we know.  We have all heard of the Walmart affect.  Because they buy in huge mass from their suppliers than can offer much lower price points to consumers and kill off most of the mom and pops around them. We have all seen the empty store fronts surrounding these big chain stores.  There is an argument to be made that it’s saving money for the consumers in the long run, but that depends on which part of the spectrum you stand and in some cases goes back to the moral argument.

So we know this dirty word exists in many aspects of our life.  Those that have it and exploit it are in some cases at a big advantage over others who don’t.  For some, they are born with leverage and others have to make their own.  So if you fall into the latter category or are just looking for a better way, we have some good news for you!

There’s a website that just popped up that allows you to come together with people around the block, the nation, or the globe to form social leverage for anything.  Yep, that’s right ANYTHING! By coming together in kungphoo purpose based circles, you can do many things such as purchase or sell products or services, promote anything, group up for a good cause, networking, a group discount, seek information with likeminded individuals, raise funds for a good cause or even chip in for an office pool or lotto ticket.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

So go back and think of what your leverage is and ask yourself if you are fully exploiting it. If you have a purpose that requires more Social Leverage, check out KUNGPHOO to see how they can help!

Social commerce is a subset of electronic commerce that

involves using social media, online media that supports social interaction, and

user contributions to assist in the online buying and selling of products and


More succinctly, social commerce is the use of social network(s) in the

context of e-commerce transactions.

Today, the area of social commerce has been expanded to include the range of

social media tools and content used in the context of e-commerce. Examples of

social commerce include customer ratings and reviews, user recommendations and

referrals, social shopping tools (sharing the act of shopping online), forums

and communities, social media optimization, social applications and social

advertising. has also been used with social commerce, allowing

shoppers to view circles, join circles, and solicit feedback through its own


The 6 C’s of Social Commerce

Content – The basic need to engage with customers, prospects and

stakeholders through valuable published content on the web. Google is the

organization that has been at the forefront of indexing and making findable

content on the web.

Community – Treating the audience as a community with the objective

of building sustainable relationships by providing tangible value. Social

Networks are the latest incarnation of community and of the many networks Facebook

is the leading organization providing the platform for interpersonal


Commerce – Being able to fulfill customers’ needs via a transactional

web presence, typically online retailers, banks, insurance companies, travel

sales sites provide the most useful business-to-consumer services.

Business-to-business sites range from online storage and hosting to product

sourcing and fulfillment services.

Context – The online world is able to track real-world events and

this is primarily being enabled by mobile devices. An online bill payment via

Google Checkout or a checkin at a physical location via Facebook or Foursquare

links a real world event to an online data entity such as a business or a

place. This is a vital element to Social Commerce where the data is now

available to organizations wishing to provide products and services to


Connection – The new online networks are defining and documenting the

relationships between people – these relationships may originate in the

physical world or online and may manifest in the other as a result of a

connection in the first. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter are prime examples of

online networks – Professional, Social and Casual.

Conversation –. A conversation between two parties will likely surface

a need that could be fulfilled, thus providing a potential market for supplier

organizations. The challenge is for suppliers to be able to tap into those

conversations and map those into the range of products and services that they

supply. incorporates these practices in their

platform.  You can hook into all the

social platforms to spread the word of your message or hold a discussion right

on their website.  It’s the only platform

on the Internet that incorporates buying, selling, information gathering, and

promoting along with facilitation to get the deal done.  When you choose the “selling” circle, a box

will automatically pop in view where you, as the circle creator, can list any

destination website you choose. For example, paypal,, facebook,

your personal shopping cart, or any destination you want your “BUY NOW” button

to link to.

All the features on are free.  It’s great for small businesses or anyone

looking for a new audience.  Circles are

also broadcasted out to all the search engines along with other promotional

methods.  The most successful circles are

the ones being worked by the creators with aggressive promotion to bring more

people in.  So when you do open a circle,

be sure to work it on your end as well. 

Because your circle is what some are calling “purpose based”

once you get enough people inside interested in your message, it acts as a nice

captive audience to keep circling back to (no pun intended).

Looks like has really brought Social Commerce

to the forefront! So check us out and while doing so, be sure to tie in the 6

C’s (and not the sick seas)!!