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Monthly Archives: May 2013

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In order to maintain a high level for all of you, our Sensei has some questions he would like to ask in order to obtain user driven feedback.                               kscroll

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Deal Sites Vs. Kungphoo Deals

In today’s global website arena there are many deal sites that promise to help grow your business by attracting as many people to come into your place of business, but as a business owner, does this really work? Have you ever attempted to put a deal up on those sites and were denied? We spoke to a local restaurant who has been involved in such sites, here is an example of a dinner for 2, and instead of $100 those sites make you put the deal at 50%, so now the dinner for 2 is $50. But how does the restaurant make out in the end? They don’t because at the end of the day, the restaurant owner takes in $25, which usually means a loss. The people who have purchased the deal, have said even if the food was the most amazing they ever tasted, they would not go back unless they got another deal, which means the business loses money and customers at the same time.

Another Example is when you see a deal for a Dentist to give you that perfectly new smile. Do you know or trust this Dentist? I personally would never buy a deal from a Dentist that I didn’t know or knew anyone who got work done from them, and what their reputation was. What if they mess up your teeth?

These are just a few examples of how unsustainable that platform is for the business owner and consumer.

Step in, a FREE Social Marketing, Social Commerce, and Information Gathering website that allows YOU the Business Owner to create YOUR Own DEAL, on your own time! Yes, that is CORRECT, YOU Decide on how YOU want your business to look, YOU reap in the profits, and YOU Control the outcome! You can put up a deal to bring business into your website, place of business, or anywhere that you want a potential consumer to go to see your information. does not take any transactions fees, listing fees, or membership fees. We want you to be successful, and in turn we will be successful!

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Store Knowledge vs. Kungphoo Circles 

Let me start out by asking a question, how many times have you gone into a store looking for the store clerk to give you advice on what you should purchase only to find out that you actually had more knowledge than the clerk?  Do they push you towards whatever is on sale, because that is what they know today? Or do they push you to the highest value item, because that’s where there biggest commission in?  The big box stores hire anyone who can breathe and walk, usually its high school or college kids, or people who are retired and are looking for a job.  So when you walk in you already know more.  Same goes for anything, whether it’s insurance, dog food, messages, colleges, etc. etc. etc.

CaptureLet me ask you another question, wouldn’t you rather hear and chat with like-minded people that have already experienced the same thing you are looking for? Maybe even purchase the item, insurance, or whatever you are looking for all in 1 place, with the knowledge already built in? is the place that has it all.  We have built a platform that you can do anything you are looking for or to do.  Once you sign into the site, you can seek out the products, services, etc. and join in the circle, have real-time conversation, or private messages, or create your own circle to be shared out to the world!  Once people start joining your circle and conversing with people in the circle, you will be able to gain the knowledge that you will never find in the store.  These are real people with real knowledge.  The Circles never expire, so in 5 years from now, when you need to reup your car insurance, you can refer back to the circle.  Maybe you lost your TV remote, and need the instructions to reprogram, come back to the circle and just ask! is a Social Marketing, Social Commerce, and Information Gathering Site, there is no need to go anywhere else to list a classified ad, list a product or service, or just hang out in someone else’s circle!

So join the PHOO today!

What is the real value of time?  Everyone knows the saying: “time is money.”  Can this really be true?  Well, let’s think about it – in some scenarios you work more hours (if you get paid by the hour) and you make more money.  So in that regard time can literally equal money.

Did you see the Justin Timberlake movie which takes place in a society that utilizes time as their currency? Basically the premise is that people earn and spend time as apposed to dollars.  When you go to the bank for a loan, you borrow time, not money.  Interestingly enough, we are all here on borrowed time so that kind of makes sense.   Can you imagine a society with no money, but only time?  It would really just be a different form of currency, such as a bitcoin (if you haven’t heard about these, than do a google search as they are really making headwinds as a potential new currency).

Time-is-money-hour-glass-money2Back to the question of is time really money?  In a way, it seems like it is, but there are many contradicting statements to go against it.  “Such as, work smarter, not harder.” In this scenario you could have two people being paid equally, where one finishes the job much faster by utilizing a better methodology. So if you could use that extra time to make more money, than maybe time is money.  Well for someone getting paid by the hour, why would they care, right? Why not just hang out, go on facebook or take an extra lunch break?  Well if a superior finds out, they could lose their job for wasting time (money).

When you look at big organizations or businesses, they are always looking for ways to become more efficient (usually to save time).  They are willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars upfront, to permanently cut costs on the back end for outdated processes.  Would you rather send 1000 emails individually to a thousand different customer or just do a blast and hit them all at once?

Technology has obviously changed how we spend our time (& money) and how we interact in society.  Previously when you would go to a grocery store you would stand on line and wait for the cashier to ring you up.  You might even stir up a conversation with them.  Now when I go into a supermarket it’s a pretty isolated experience.  You really don’t need to speak with anyone.  In fact, when you look down at the cashier lanes, they are usually empty.  Seems as if people, do not even want to risk the chance of engaging in a real conversation with another human. 

At the end of the day we have determined that time is really money, because if it weren’t than why would people spend so much money trying to save it.  It’s hard to consciously watch the second hand tick on a clock and say “oh no, another penny”, but in a sense, time is really that precious.

“Time is money” Benjamin Franklin

Sensei’s 6 Selling Tips

We’re all selling every day whether we realize it or not.  Here are some quick selling tips from the Sensei:

1) Want, but don’t need: Don’t seem too overzealous to sell, as this can often be sensed by potential customers or buyers (this works for dating too).  By the time you get to the point of a sale, buyers have likely done their research and are well informed!  The hard sell can sometimes turn away informed buyers, although there are times to bring it into play for certain buyers (see #4).  Your gut will tell you if you should utilize a soft close, hard close or no close at all (sometimes a deal closes by itself, in which case its best to just keep quiet and let it close – don’t say ANYTHING – just ring the register!)

Soft close example: You’re selling your car and meeting with a somewhat interested buyer, but you sense the deal may not close.  You may want to say something like: “So what state would you be insuring the car in?” If they give an answer, that’s a pretty sure sign of a close or that they are thinking to buy.

2) Don’t lie: There’s too much information available.  Most likely a buyer will sense when you are lying.  If they don’t sense it, thunique-selling-propositioney may likely find out afterwards and eventually you will ruin your reputation or run into problems from the lie.

3) Always answer your business line: Real buyers often call early in the morning (sometimes the first call of the day).  So if you can’t be at your desk at 7am make sure you have call forwarding setup. Don’t miss the hot ones (selling is not a 9 to 5 gig).

4) Some people want to be sold: There are many people that want to be convinced that what they’re buying is great or the best (these people need to be SOLD!).  Your enthusiasm will only help your cause!

5) The power of alternative choice: “So which size would you like, medium or large?” “What time works best for you, 10am or 3pm?” Here you are taking “NO” out of the equation.

6) Introduce a third party when necessary: For example if you know that you have a loud demeanor and are expecting a quiet customer or meeting, send someone that may be a better fit when you can.  Mismatched personalities can often ruin sales.  Everyone has heard that most people tend to buy from people they like!

With KUNGPHOO, you can Sell with no FEES going to us! Make sure when your circle is open, you share it out, so your entire Social Media World can see what your selling and join in!

 The Sensei

We have been asked what is Kungphoo? and what can it do?  So here is a little bit about how POWERFULL the PHOO is! is a new platform that brings all the website that you love to use together, but we found their flaws and stepped them up.  I bet many of you have used eBay, and wanted to bid on that perfect item, but then you tried and at the last few seconds got outbid.  Maybe you saw a great deal on Groupon or Living social, but do you know who that Dr. is that is going to give you that facial?  What about Craigslist? how many stories do we need to hear about people getting robbed, or an empty box after the person you just handed cash to is gone?  Step in KUNGPHOO!
We took a look at all of the flaws and decided to incorporate discount, ecommerce, classified and search into one self-serve, ease-of-use socially induced platform. Anyone can create a circle in seconds, promote it to the social media world in less than 2 minutes, and reach thousands of people in no time! Inside circles people can communicate with the creator or each other, purchase items, take advantage of offerings, team up for discounts or just hang out! Those who join circles can also promote it, by sharing it out to their social networks, thus hitting thousands of more people!  You CONTROL your business! You CONTROL your deals! Since its your business You CONTROL your CIRCLE!
We created this All In One platform for all businesses or consumers to be able to get what they want, and not have to jump through hoops to get it.  We created a Social Marketing, Social Commerce, and Social Information Gathering Site in 1 place, and made it fun to use by clicking and dragging your avatar into different circles, and have real time communications, unlike the others mentioned above.
If you haven’t logged in and tried it, you are missing out!  We have so many new features coming out in the near future that it will blow your mind!  The best part about using our site, is that there are no FEES.  You can facilitate your money deal and not pay KUNGPHOO anything!
–The Sensi
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blog-or-facebookMany people just forget about a blog, they rely totally on Facebook; getting followers & communicating all on the Facebook platform. Ever hear of the saying “do not keep all your eggs in one basket”, well its true. If you have a product or service then you most likely have a website.  You should be driving traffic to your website and or blog and only use other sites as a tool.

Why is a blog better then Facebook?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Google along with all the other major search engines use specific techniques to rank your website and push you to the top pages for a search result.

Skys the Limit & how about some Control

You have much more flexibility on your own website, can do whatever you want, add features that Facebook just doesn’t give you etc. Facebook limits how many pics in a certain area, size of your posts, video can be added with more flexibility, etc.  We have all seen what happened to MySpace; all that time spent on Myspace fixing up your page, and only to find out its pretty much gone. Not saying that will  happen with Facebook but trust me, use Facebook as a tool and keep the meat of your business on your own domain/website.

A blog gives you more tools for linking with visitors. RSS Feeds, Newsletters, you go by YOUR terms of service not Facebooks, its YOUR branding that is the focus not Facebooks.

Do BOTH I said!!

Find your balance; a little Facebook in the morning, little Twitter in the afternoon then get serious about your blog and putting valuable content on YOUR site not Facebooks.



  • Post content on your blog to other social media sites
  • Always include links to your social media platforms; newsletters, etc.
  • Include links to your Facebook & Twitter posts


The Sensei

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Have you ever thought in business, the work place or online you can create extremely positive outcomes by choosing the correct words or phrases to express yourself.  There are plenty of words or catch phrases, that when used correctly can illustrate professionalism or strong character to your co-workers or potential partners for a business deal.

Here is a short list of some Strong Words to think about:

Attractive, Connected, Agree,  Electrifying, Family, Friendship, Joy, Happy, and Robust.  There are many more on this list, but just to give an idea of what it could be for you.

Here are  a few of the Sensei’s favorites that you can keep in your back pocket for ammunition:

• Best of Breeimagesd (the best around for the subject matter, usually relating to a person or business)
• Client-Centric (High level of experience dealing face to face or over the phone with people)
• Sustainability (will be around for a long time usually due to low overhead )
• Seamless Integration (you won’t notice any change when the new guy comes in)
• Next Generation (out with the old in with the new)
• Bring to the table (stronger way of saying what a person or organization has to offer)
• Eating your own dog food (use a product yourself which you sell to others)

Knowing some of these words or phrases and using them in the correct context can be the difference between landing a client, job, or deal or not. Powerful words will create a stronger image in the mind of the person sitting at the other end of the table and help them better relate to you or the topic at hand.  So use your words Wisely!
Please share some of your powerful words or catch phrases that you like to use.


The Sensei

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gangnamviral video is a video that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. (ref.


Charles Ramsey  YouTube  Amanda Berry  Cleveland, Ohio



So how can I create my own you ask?

–  Do your homework, sketch it out, research, learn from the past

–  Key is NOT to be dry, be yourself or not yourself, be DIFFERENT

Anything can go viral; it can be a video of you doing a cannon ball but if its done right it could go viral. OR even a funny grandparent or child doing something.

The Sensei~

How-to-get-more-likes-on-Facebook-Infographic-2WHY you ask? Well your a local pizza place and you can either send out coupons/mailers every week & spend money on printing, mailing, etc. Knowing that probably 80% of these probably get lost or people just throw them out because there not interesting and you have no way of knowing.

What are the benefits of Facebook likes?

  • Its Free
  • You are targeting people that are really interested in your service
  • You can stimulate users many different ways; colorful HD pics, audio, graphs, video, survey’s, etc.
  • You can get instant feedback, people not interested in Pizza can remove themselves from your group/list.
  • Sell more products and services
  • Creates brand awareness

Its work – Get ready!! 

Join groups, interact with people & flat out tell people to join or like your page. All your advertising that you do (print, video, other) should all have something on it with your social media contact info. Create posts that people WANT to share. Do not waste peoples time like posting – Im moping the store or im taking out the trash. If you waste peoples time then you will lose them or they will block you from there time line and thats pretty much the same as not having them.

The Sensei – Follow the PhOOooooo