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Monthly Archives: June 2013

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hoopsAt our tagline is

Brings people together to buy, sell, search or promote anything!

Do you find this to be a problem when trying to get more business?

Tired of costly and complex selling or offering platforms?
Tired of jumping through hoops to offer a simple deal to boost sales?
Tired of people telling you how to price offerings, deals and discounts?
Tired of not having a social presence on the web?
Tired of not playing in the volume game?
Are you taking all the risk without a reward?

The solution is here! lets you promote your business and sell your products or services for free in the new social world. Our purpose based Circles allow for the joint effort of buying, selling and searching for products, services, deals, discounts and much more. Your business lies in the middle, putting you at the buyer’s center of attention – Literally.

FREE Advertising and Promotional platform shared by users with friends across social networks, which can take your business from local  to global.

This is easy; you set your own terms and incentives for any size orders and in-turn your suppliers will give you lower price points. give’s you an Immediate Social presence.

Create any offering at any time with our Ease of Use platform. You are in Control!

Whatever your business is offering or selling – you can sell it, offer it or promote in on KUNGPHOO. Create a circle Join the Revolution and sign up here!

Still need more info? Check out our blog for more tips and tricks.

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– The Sensei

Here are some quick tips to get you kicking on the PHOO!!


Entice! – offer a compelling message such as a really good deal, an incentive, or something people aren’t aware of – Give people a reason to join your purpose (circle). – its all up YOU!

Share!  – after creating or joining a circle don’t forget to share it with all your friends, fans, and followers or anyone you think can help bring in more people! (You can use the social buttons under the circle for sharing or inviting and/or just share the direct link to the circle from your browser)

Engage! –  engage, engage, engage (E,E,E)!!!! your people – we cant stress this enough!!!!! Make sure to comment, respond and/or message your circle to keep it kicking.

Facilitate! – use the “buy this” link or “default paypal link” if you have something to sell or something that requires payment. This simply helps to facilitate a transaction (you can use paypal, any other method you use to get paid or just link to your website).  When you choose “selling” as your circle type, just enter the link in the “buy link” field and when people join your circle the button will appear.  For more info on how to create a “buy link” or “default paypal link” see FAQ ( or drop us a line.

Captivate! – Unless you’ve always wanted to be a Ninja, edit your profile photo. When creating a circle, be sure to put up a few pictures and a thorough description (

Test the waters! – join a circle or two (or 3), to see how it works!

Hit us up! – if you have any questions or feedback reach out to us at – We need all the compliments we can get ( for real we need your feedback!!!)

Stay tuned in with as us we’re adding slammin new features!

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for just about everything on the internet – in order for it to become a success. It could be a a full blown multi-million dollar company or a 1 person shop running from the basement of their house.

First: do your homework (even if someone else is managing your SEO)

Its not for everyone to manage this on their own and you do need to know what your doing.  At the start of any SEO campaign you need to figure out if your focusing on local SEO or worldwide. This is important because a lot of money and time can be wasted on the wrong campaign.  Doing a local campaign obviously focuses on your keywords coming up on page 1 in a local area that you target. Doing a local or more specific SEO campaign will be much cheaper and show faster results.


You want to make sure your content is rich in keywords, doesn’t read like spam & includes relevant, interesting and informative information (info that people will likely share with others). Make sure you tie your social media into all of this as well.  Don’t forget to use your KUNGPHOO circle as part of your social media.

Make your self look good!



Using keywords of course is a big part of this but there are many other factors involved. You must compose blog posts on a daily basis, vivid/viral pics, videos,  info-graphs (Gaining allot of traction), showing or teaching people how to do things is also a big plus and Google just eats this stuff up! Get people to share your information, link to it (put in on their site). Google basically pats you on the back every time you put together some valuable content that people enjoy in some way.  Every time you get a pat on the back you get moved up in the rankings.

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-The Sensei

Dreams Road SignHow many of you sat in front of your TV’s and watched Nik Wallenda walk across the Grand Canyon on 6/23/13. We were watching intently to make sure he made it. Nik is a 34 year old man, married with Children, so we all ask ourselves why someone would do this… Well if you watched the lead up, you saw that his Great Grandfather was a walker and died on a walk in Puerto Rico, and that his family dating back 7 generations were walkers/performers. Nik would tell his wife, that from the time he was young he wanted to walk the Grand Canyon, he would dream about it all the time… Well on that Sunday in June Nik made his dream come true, while we all sat there nail biting as he knelt down twice, saw the pendulums swing, and the bar/rope apparatus sway and bounce… but he did it, and his dream is satisfied!

The important partWe all have dreams or a bucket list, but how do we get there you ask? It’s not simple, doesn’t take a day, but with focus and determination we can get anywhere, just like Nik! was born out of a dream to make the internet a better place… I know that sounds cheesy, but there are many voids in the internet world that we dream of filling, and we feel like we have filled many voids.
Who has a problem with losing every bid, because some young kids setup a robot to outbid everyone at the last second?
Who has a problem with classified ads not living up to what they say they are?
Who has a problem with putting out deals that will most likely never bring the same people back through the “door”?
Who has a problem with doing the normal thing day in and day out without a purpose?
We are living our dreams by filling the void in the spaces above, by creating for all of you! The first and only of its kind, you will not find a site that has Social Marketing, and Social Commerce in the same space. You will not find a site that you can create a deal, make money, and bring the people back through the “door”. You will not find a site, that if you want that item/service, you don’t have to bid on it, and pray you will win it for your child…. Where can you have a dynamic site that can practically do anything you want? Ok ok ok….. I think you get the point!

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– The Sensei

Some of our people have been doing some really neat things on kungphoo, so we thought we’d mention a few and how they can possibly help you also! In the SM world there are really only the big three we have all come to know; Facebook, Pinterest, twitter – with all the emphasis put on the importance of growing these audiences, many proprietors have popped up that will sell you likes, fans, followers etc. for a pretty penny  (most of which are fake or that you may eventually lose (not to say that none of them are legit).

Alissa Balencia, was the 1st to start a new trend on kungphoo.  She opened the Business Pinterest Follower Exchange where so far over 40 people have joined and its growing at a rapid pace.. Not too long after, a Facebook Like Exchange and Twitter Follower Exchange popped up and they’re both picking up steam.  Because these circles have been set up not to close or expire, once you’re in, your in – so the more people you bring in or share it with, the better for everyone! Since most of the people have a similar purpose in that they have something to promote, its also a great place to connect with like minded people.

So if you are tired of going to the same place and doing the same things to increase your social visibility, its a great time to mix it up and try something new!  Join these circles, or even create your own.  There are no restrictions when it comes to getting your phoo on – if you can think it, you can do it, & we can help you facilitate it!



Simplify your offers or your cause with Ease Of Use.  Most ecomm/deal/classified sites currently take on average of 15 minutes or better, to get something posted.  They are often a huge hassle, and ask you things that you either don’t have the answer to, or do not apply to what you are trying to post.  Many of you have to call the deal site, and beg them to put you on their site, but they won’t because you do not fill their requirements.


So has heard all this and created an Ease of Use platform! Whether you’re a business looking to promote your latest offering, a charity looking to raise funds for your cause, a group looking to get health insurance,  or an individual looking to advertise an estate sale – you can create a circle and share it out to the major social media sites in less than 5 minutes.  Avoid chaotic and complicated sites and offerings and stick to Ease Of Use.  Why? Because Ease Of Use puts you in charge and lets you promote any desired offering or outcome at any time –

Sell, Promote or Advertise anything, anywhere, and anytime – you decide!

Check it out today!!

Here’s an example of how you can leverage a circle to get a better deal and meaningful information on kungphoo.  You want to buy that new Samsung TV, but you refuse to pay retail.  With all the deals on the internet its impossible to be sure what you are getting is really a deal at all (plus there’s no one to discuss the so called deal with and you are getting tired of buyers remorse!  So you open a circle on kungphoo to connect with like minded people with the intent of rounding up people to get the deal you want and the information you need (to make an informed decision).


You invite your friends & family and anyone you know who may be interested.  Additionally kungphoo begins promoting your circle throughout their network to bring in more people.  As people start joining your circle and you receive some purchase commitments, its time to start negotiating.  A Samsung rep from a local shop agrees to a sweet deal as long as you can take 25 units in one shot.  A couple of more calls and emails and you have it made (in fact if you are savy enough there may even be a commission from the store in it for you!)


Lets examine what happened here: You were able to get 20% off of a TV  that wasn’t even on sale by committing to a larger order.   Because retail is all about price points, if a seller can move a larger volume order this gives them more leverage with their suppliers for future orders and increases their margins for future orders as well.  Its a win win for the seller and buyer, not to mention the free DVD player, shipping & discounted warranty deal sweeteners….In retail (brick and mortar or ecommerce) volume is EVERYTHING!  If you are not playing in the volume game, you need to be since at the end of the day everyone benefits.

As this example is just for a TV, but this can be used for anything (products, services etc), whether you are a buyer or seller. Come on over to and give it a try – feel free to hit us up with any questions (our ninjas are here to help!)


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Describes a technique for identifying personal problems by developing awareness of innermost feelings and thus altering behavior and solving problems on a step-by-step basis





“I’m trying to think but nothing happens.”



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-The Sensei

Many people have stated that is just like Google+, because we are circle based like they are. Did you know linkedin, and many other sites are circle based? Well, there are differences in our systems that set us apart…

p1There’s a lot of resistance to using google+, because it’s almost exactly like Facebook. They both have streams of data running through their main page; they have likes or +1’s. You can upload videos, pictures, and hangout on a single person’s page. You can find friends, high school sweethearts, or long lost relatives. If you want to find out if your friend is eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, you can on these websites. All seems the same, doesn’t it?

p2Jump Kick on the scene,, The only thing we have in common with these two very popular sites is, circles and communicating with people.. On our platform, you make a purpose based circle, that has a meaning. There is no data stream that says who is eating, pooping, or sleeping… There are no plus 1’s or likes.. Unlike the other sites, you can buy, sell, search, or ask anything about the purpose directly inside the circle, and to either the creator or anyone in the circle.

lm1With, you can get together with like minded people across the street, across the country, or across the globe and leverage the power of the circle for a common purpose.  As your circle of people with a common purpose grows, strength in numbers kicks in to offer better outcomes  for everyone inside.

While some people on KUNGPHOO are creating circles for such purposes as getting more Pinterest or Twitter Followers, others are using KUNGPHOO to promote their core businesses or one time offerings or promotions.

Whatever your purpose may be, there’s really no limit as to what you can do on KUNGPHOO – We empower people to decide on their purpose; if you can think it, you can do it & we can help you facilitate it!


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The Sensei!

Theme vs No Theme

Hard Rock Cafe, Cheesecake Factory, Margaritaville…..what do all of these restaurants have in common besides great food?? Yep, you guessed it right, they all have a theme and they’re all billion dollar companies.

These companies have done such a good job with sticking to their theme, that whether you live in NY or Kalamazoo, you have probably heard of or dined in at least one of these places. Simply put, themes are much easier to market. If you had the choice to eat an identical sandwich at Joes Sandwich Shop or the Hard Rock Cafe, which would you choose?


Not only are themes easier to market and brand, but they are also easier to scale. Once test marketed in one state and the strategy is proven it can be duplicated and replicated worldwide with some cultural exceptions of course.

Most, but not all businesses can be themed. For example, you would not want to walk into your doctor’s office and see Rock Memorabilia on the wall.

For many businesses a theme can offer great direction for a long-term marketing plan. Offering a meaningful brand is an excellent way to stay top of mind with your target audience.

If you think of some of the most successful brands in the world, many of them have taken a thematic approach and I will bet that’s not by accident. Most people can relate better to a brand with a meaningful purpose than they can to the store brand (even if they taste the same).

With all the stress we have in our everyday lives, sometimes it’s so nice to step out of that reality and step into the realm of a theme.

What is your theme??

Come and check out our theme at!!

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