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Monthly Archives: July 2013

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kungphoo_highlightsThe Ease of Use Platform!

By now many of many of you have seen our site and how easy we made it! We just want to highlight a few things on the site to show you how truly easy it is from our sign up process to creating a circle to joining a circle to sharing and communicating.

Once you hit, you will be greeted with a video or an option to sign in.  You can sign in with Facebook ( we use their servers as authentication and we never get your passwords from them) or you can create a login, by clicking the sign in link.  If you select the sign in link over facebook, you will get an email notifying you to activate the account.  Once it is activated you are off and running.

Depending what you want to do, you can either Create a Circle or Join a Circle.  Unlike other sites, when you want to list something, the process is tedious and extremely time consuming. We do not like this and went against the grain by simplifying our create section. You can literally go from sign up to a fully created circle in minutes (average time is 5). This includes sharing it out to your social media world! Wow that was Easy! Joining a circle is even easier, just click on your avatar, and drag it into the circle, you will then get a message popup on the screen that you have joined, and the circle creator will get an email saying you joined! Holy Cow (in a Phil Rizzuto voice) that was even easier than creating a circle!

Once your Circle is created you should always share them out, there are buttons on the bottom of the circle that once you click them, you are prompted to log into that system (Again, we will never know your passwords) and share it out. This should be done all the time to build up your circle.

Once people join your circle, you can start a discussion with them (Public to all), or private message them… Every time someone communicated these ways, you will be notified in an email.  For private messages, you have an inbox in our system that you can see all your messages and reply from there.

Phew! That was easy!!

Follow the PHOO!! ~ The Sensei

Follow the PHOO!!
~ The Sensei

identity_crisisHow many of you belong to deal, selling, or classified sites? I am sure you all do, just like we do. But what happens when you sign up? Do you know your place inside those sites? What we mean is do you get an identity? Or do you just become another number?  Yes on some sites you can become a preferred seller or lister, and that gives you some klout within their systems, we would never take that away from them.  Those sites like to build up people, and take from their preferred people. Push you into using their pay platform, and take a piece off of that as well.  We are FREE! And we let you choose how you want to get paid.. We are not the Cobra Ki of the Karate Kid Movies! We don’t bully you into using our payment systems!

But on the other hand, why would you want to be just another number?  Hey we don’t know maybe you like that.. And that is perfectly fine.. Some people like to lay low and let the things around them happen. gives you the power to give yourself an identity! You have the control to either build your circle up, or lay low, whatever your choice maybe. We would hope that building your circle up, through Social Marketing and Social Commerce would be your goal, but it doesn’t have to be. 

You build your identity by creating a circle, branding it your own, and sharing it out as much as possible to bring potential clients, new friends, or like-minded individuals that share a common interest as you do.  We give you the creative opportunities and control to make this happen.  Once you sign in, make sure that you give your avatar an identity right away, or you get the default Ninja!

Or if you are the lay low type, you can join in circles that interest you by clicking your avatar and dragging it into the circle.. It’s that easy! As in all our circles you can communicate real time with the circle discussion or choose the private message option! It’s all up to you!

Follow the PHOO!! ~ The Sensei

Follow the PHOO!!
~ The Sensei




circle of purpose


There are a lot of things that can happen when you use social leverage to promote “your purpose”…

Buying – use leverage to get a better price – Round up people in your circle to get that volume discount for anything!

Selling / Promoting – get more people in your circle to speak to a larger captive audience where you can engage, ask and answer questions regarding your specific purpose.

Information / Searching – get together with like-minded people seeking the same thing as you – use social teamwork to find the info and get better results for everyone.

These are just some examples, but using Social Leverage and purposed based circles can help you maximize desired outcomes for ANYTHING! – By promoting, sharing and inviting the right people, you will bring in as many people as possible and maximize results!

Take advantage of the law of large numbers and create your social leverage NOW @


Follow the PHOO!! ~ The Sensei

Follow the PHOO!!
~ The Sensei


Make it happenWhat happens after the circle is created?

Once you create your circle, then what? Well something may happen, or may not happen. You have to be on top of it, what does the Sensei mean by that..

Well, let’s say you create a circle, and you do absolutely nothing with it, you set it and forget it. Your circle will stay in our system for as long as you set it for, but hardly anyone will engage in it. There might be some action if someone searches or stumbles on a circle like yours, but do not count on that! And Yes, we will market it for you within our systems.

Let’s take the flip side of that… Let’s say you create a circle and you market it to your social media world, email your contact list, change pictures, change content on a regular basis, and share it out on a constant basis. What will happen are results, and we all want results. If there is activity inside the circle, with the discussion or private messages, there will be engagement into the circle. We notice allot of the times when circles change, and we take action within them also.

So what are you going to do once you create the circle???? That’s correct you WILL share it out and engage with the circle!

Follow the PHOO!! ~ The Sensei

Follow the PHOO!!
~ The Sensei

Talking up your circleCircle Discussion Vs. Private Message

This is not a fight between the 2! Both are available to assist in your real time communication.

The Circle Discussion area is used to keep a running conversation between everyone in the circle. You can reply to the entire circle, or if you want you can reply directly to the person who made the comment. This can always be referred back to in any instance of looking for information that was gathered during a discussion.

Private Messaging is much like a one to one email. If you want to send a code, deal, specific information, or anything that you do not want the entire circle to see, this is the way to go. It becomes a one to one conversation where no one in the circle can see it, or reply to it.

Message All is a private message that goes to the entire circle, almost like a comment that is not visible to the public.  With is option you will also have the choice of excluding select people if you choose to do so.  This is the easiest way to discretely hit everyone at once.

As you can see there are differences in how to use the real time communication tools! You can communicate with the circle creator, or the entire circle or both!

This is one more reason that is dynamic in nature!

If you have any questions about talking up your circle or would like to offer feedback or suggestions, we always welcome hearing from you at

Kungphoo Ninja

Follow the PHOO!








When it comes to social information gathering, Kungphoo – the hottest new arrival to the scene of social buying and selling – aims to please.

Whether you want to sell crocheted doilies, find a circle of like-minded politicos to debate with, or are simply looking for a new dress, Kungphoo can satisfy all these desires and more. For the first time, personal and commercial interests come together on one website with easy to use design, fun graphics, and no sign-up fee!  Find exactly what you’re looking for with just a few clicks… or market your product to a whole new audience.

With Kungphoo’s easy to use circles, you can buy, sell, or discuss whatever topic you desire.  Have a product you want to sell?  Simply create a circle for it and let your customers come to you.  Have questions about a product you’re considering purchasing but have some questions? Find or create a circle for it, and discuss your concerns with other Kungphoo members who are also considering the same purchase, who have already purchased it, and even experts and manufacturer’s representatives.

Whatever your needs, offers the social-marketing tools you need to take your online presence to the next level.  There are no limitations to Kungphoo’s potential topics – whatever you want to discuss,  buy, or sell, there’s a circle for that.  Be a part of the next generation of Internet marketing, try out today.

Follow the PHOO!

– The Sensei

promote your businessHow to promote an offer KUNGPHOO?

Do you have a promotion or offer you would like to list for a deal, coupon, sale etc? Maybe you were you turned down by Groupon or Living Social? OR maybe you realized it wasn’t sustainable or you just don’t have time for jumping through hoops to get a simple offer or promotion listed. Good news, there is a better way!!…..You can list your offer on kungphoo whenever YOU feel suited to do so– we don’t cherry pick, we don’t get involved in your business – because after all it’s your business – so YES – You Decide! – you can list an offer duration from 1 – 30 days for short term offers or choose the” No Expire” option for an offer that you would like to stay listed until you decide its time to remove it – & YES – it’s COMPLETELY FREE! – If you have promotion that doesn’t have a specific price attached (such as a grand opening) than you may want to choose “information” as your circle type. A quick tip is to offer an incentive for people to join your circle – So let’s say your offering a 25% off coupon, than you can private message the coupon code to individuals only after they join your circle – now you have a captive audience of customers for future offerings.

Facilitate an offerHow to facilitate your offer?

If you would like to take people outside of kungphoo to another website to facilitate your offer, than be sure you choose “selling” as your circle type. This will give you the option to enter a link to that destination in the “buy link” field (this can also be a payment destination such as paypal or a shopping cart or whatever you decide). As soon as someone joins your circle a “buy this” button will appear, that when clicked will take them to that destination. The buy link can also be used as an incentive for people to join your circle, since the button will only appear after they join.

Share your offer

How to promote your offer?

Most importantly, you have to promote your promotion!!!! Make sure you share your circle out on all your Social Media Pages, email it out to all your customers, and ask everyone who joins your circle to share it out on all their pages also. If you have a monthly newsletter that goes out include the promotion there as well with a direct link to the circle. Also include the link on your website if you have a featured section or a spot on your home page (get it out to as many people as possible).  Check HERE for more tips on how to promote your promotion!

Track yout offer

How to track your offer?

With any circle you create on Kungphoo, you will automatically be notified via email every time someone new joins your circle as well as every time there is a new comment posted to your circle ( so you will be able to track your offer and see what type of interest and chatter you are receiving).

engage your circle


How to engage your circle about Your Offer?

You can comment on your circle in the comments field, Private Message people Individually  inside your circle, or take advantage of the “message all” to hit everyone at once. Anyone of these options will send an inbox message to the persons kungphoo inbox as well as their email.

– Please email us with any feedback or questions at and one of our Sensei’s will be sure to get back to you in  hurry!

Follow the PHOO!

-The Sensei



Kungphoo is the hottest new service to hit social networking, and is quickly becoming a power-player in the world of social-marketing, bringing social-selling, social-buying, and social information gathering to the forefront of the newest generation of online tools.

Using the simple premise of circles – to promote an opinion, sell a product, donate to a charity or maybe even just to make new friends –  it is easy to find users with similar interests and likes.  Just like your different circles of friends and acquaintances, Kungphoo’s circles consist of different groups of individuals who share a certain interest, need, or hobby.  Kungphoo gives you all the tools you need to connect with like-minded individuals to sell a product, purchase a service, or just discuss whatever is on your mind.  For instance: Looking for an affordable prom dress? Want to sell handmade beaded jewelry? Prefer to discuss the latest international news? Kungphoo has a circle for that… and if it doesn’t YOU can create one.

Kungphoo is social networking for individuals who are creatively minded and passionate, offering a venue to discuss, sell, buy, or promote just about anything.  Try Kungphoo today and see the amazing online world available to you.  It’s 100% free, and you can join or create as many circles as you’d like.  In fact, the more, the better.  Kungphoo is only limited by your imagination.

Follow the PHOO!

-The Sensei


For the finest online tools available for social marketing, look no further than Kungphoo, the premier social commerce website on the Web today.

By utilizing the latest technology and resources, Kungphoo aims to become the leading online resource among the newest generation of social networking and social media tools.  Always 100% free for members, Kungphoo enables anyone to find other individuals with similar needs and interests.

Blending elements of social networking with the homemade authenticity of  crafter and hobbyist websites, Kungphoo aims to help users find joint interests, collaborate on projects, and buy or sell their own products. With an easy and free sign-up process, Kungphoo is catching on fast.

Have something you want to sell?  Create a circle for it, and find people who want to buy it.  Have a question?  Join a circle of people who know the answer.  Do you just want to discuss your favorite topic?  Use a Kungphoo circle to bring you together with like-minded people.  The only limit to Kungphoo’s marketing capabilities is your imagination.

Be the first among your friends to check out this revolutionary new idea, and use social-networking, social-selling, social-buying, and social information gathering to maximize the results of your membership.  Where else can you find a supplier, market a product, reach your customers, and discuss your industry all in once place.  Check out Kungphoo today and see the possibilities.

Follow the PHOO!

– The Sensei

One of our slogans is Bringing People Together… Remember there is Power in Numbers! You might be asking, why would I bring people together.


Let’s see Why Would I Bring People Together and How Can I Bring People Together… Well there are many reasons why you would do this, but here are a few examples:

  •  Going with a bunch of friends for dinner and want a deal at a restaurant, well call the restaurant and tell them you “X” amount of people what can you do for me.
  • Have a question you can’t find an answer to? Post the question, and share it out to your social media world, I am sure multiple people out there have the information to the question, you never know until you ask!
  • Looking to get a deal on an item or service? There is power in numbers, the more people you can get into the circle, the more negotiation points you have with the vendor.
  • What if you were looking for someone for home improvements, landscaping, or anything, and you spoke to your neighbors about it, and they are looking for something similar to what you are looking for.. You can open a circle and bring in everyone in your neighborhood to present this to the specific trade, and since the “trade” would not have to leave the neighborhood they are going to give you a deal.
  • Many sporting events will give a group discount if you have a certain amount of people that will attend. Open a circle, get your people, and call the venue for the group deal.. This is an organized way to get out to an event.
  • If you have a new product or service, you can bring people together by promoting it out and showing them what you are offering.. there are no limits to this.

These are just a few examples of the Power of the PHOO!  If you have any questions about what else we can do, please email and one of our Senseis will get back to you!

Do Not Forget to Follow the PHOO!

-The Sensei