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Monthly Archives: August 2013

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breaking boards with kungphooHere in the Dojo, we are breaking many boards to bring you all an amazing website that you will use and tell everyone in your network.

It has been said that we are a combination of Facebook fan pages,Craiglist, Groupon, Amazon, shall we go on? As you can see we are dynamic and can handle just about anything, anyone can throw at us.  Not only are we a combination of all these sites, but we stepped them up, from their current state and brought them all into 1 site, so why would you need to go anywhere else?  In most of these sites, communication is slim to none, while we have full communication.  We also have built in facilitation where you can put in your link to a website, shopping cart, paypal, whatever, so that you get the traction the way you want it..

keep-calm-and-break-boardsWe have a feature called Stir The Pot, with this feature, if you need a Sensei to assist with a transaction, get a deal done, or bring a vendor in to help get the deal done.  None of the sites mentioned above will do this for their customers.

Many People say we are like g+, well have you looked around on other sites? well they are all starting to use circles like g+, but g+ is another facebook, where you can post anything and everything you want, on kungphoo, you post something of purpose. You can Promote anything, a product, grand opening, a new recipe, it does not matter what you want to post, because it is full of purpose, and once you open your circle, you can target an audience.  Share it out to the social media sites, or invite people in using the email system.

We speak about Social Commerce and Social Marketing, all built into 1 site… We also have information gathering built into the site!

That is a brief summary of what we can offer you, what would you like to see in the future?

Follow the PHOO! The Sensei~

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~


Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 4.35.19 PM


Monitor Your competition closely 

This might sound obvious but most people do not do this. Yes, you need to pay attention to your customers or potential customers, but paying attention to your competition is just as important. Follow everything; where, how, when they are advertising and follow them on social media and see what they’re up to.

Pay attention to your audience 

Its not what you like its what your audience likes/wants. Follow trends, belong to social communities that your customers are most likely to belong to, even follow the news. If your selling Halloween Masks and your favorite football player is OJ Simpson and he was just accused of murder then you might not want stock up on those masks.

Engage your audience; polls, give a ways, surveys, etc. By understanding your customers you can target your advertising must better and that can not only bring in more sales=money but also save you money on advertising.

Keywords / Hashtags / etc

Make a list of 50 keywords that relates to your business and try to embed those keywords into your social media, advertising, blogs, etc. Use hash tags on social media like twitter and Facebook to create a threaded conversation that you can then plug with your product.

Follow the PHOO! The Sensei~

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~


business drivers

 Here are some circles that can help you drive your business today!

fresh wave






Have you ever looked into doing a video for your business and saw what a complex process it was?  Here is an easy way to produce a video for your business and communicate what it is you do in under a few minutes.  People love to watch videos and this is a great and fun way to fresh’n up your business and create a viral effect that you can share across the internet. Join the circle and you can ask all the questions you have about this great investment!

free advertising







You have heard of Well if you want to learn more join this circle! There are excellent free programs for businesses as well as gift cards you can purchase at steep discounts to thank customers for business, drive new business and increase referrals.  Some really great programs here, so give it a look!

i am a brand







I am a brand is a Social Revolution that is taking place all over the world.  When you join this circle they will feature you and your business on their website – where they sell inspirational T-Shirts that connect strangers all over the world when they run into each other – Great place to be featured and they have some really cool shirts!

Follow the PHOO! The Sensei~

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~

humility is a precursor of success

We’ve been checking out some of the new circles lately and stumbled on one with some really inspiring words from Funtastic Living that we thought deserved some attention – so here we go:

“Before you expect to experience any form of success you must take an accurate inventory of yourself. If you ever get to know yourself you will also know much about others. If you don’t believe it yourself, don’t expect others to do so.

Success is not measured by the amount of money you possess, the house you live in, or the car you drive. Success is being engaged in all aspect of life. To win in the battle of life your mind must be well organized, alert and energized. Put your mind to work. The mind is a muscle that needs to be energized. Gathering ideas from outside your daily environment makes the mind more alert and more ready to work with speed and accuracy.

We long for success yet resist change. Too many of us have gone into hibernation. When new ideas and opportunities come before us, we rise up and growl.

There is no reason why the average person should ever close their mind to new ideas. A closed mind becomes withered, narrow and stagnant. A stagnant mind is the breeding ground of fear.

Open your mind to new ideas! It may be the difference between your success and failure.”

“You can’t concentrate on the reverse of an idea. A fear is a goal moving in the opposite direction from your desire.” – Denis Waitley


For more of these amazingly inspirational words and to start living a funtastic life please check out the Funtastic Living Circle.


Follow the PHOO!! ~ The Sensei

Follow the PHOO!!
~ The Sensei




without boundaries

Online social networking is all the rage when it comes to mass media and modern methods of communication. As the art of letter-writing is dying out and phone calls are fading away, social networking has risen to take their places. More than ever before, social networking is connecting people through similar interests, activities, and ideas.

At Kungphoo, we utilize social networking to gather like-minded groups of people and unite them in social circles. For example, an artist working primarily in pastels can group up with other similar artists, pastel users, or perhaps an interested buyer for some of their artwork. Similarly, food enthusiasts can team up to share new recipes, cooking techniques, and even locate suppliers and marketers who can provide them with the latest kitchen appliances.

We are 100% free to use, whether you are using Kungphoo to stay in touch with friends, brainstorm with like-minded individuals, or start or promote a home business! If you’re looking to expand your horizons in any number of ways, Kungphoo offers a fun, free, and easy platform from which to do it.  Our drag-and-drop interface makes joining circles easy, and connecting with like-minded individuals has never been simpler.

Follow the PHOO!! ~ The Sensei

Follow the PHOO!!
~ The Sensei


Kungphoo Benefits - New Page-1

Social collaboration, Social leverage and Social Marketing is the wave of the future happening right now in front of our eyes.  Purpose based Social Media speaks to Social Networkers, but also to another audience known as Information Seekers.  Information Seekers are those people who may otherwise not be Social Networkers on your typical sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc – BUT they will utilize Collaborative Mediums to speak with like-minded individuals to enhance their agenda or mission or just find what they are seeking.  You may not always see these people, since many times they will be sitting quietly in the background, just collecting information and taking it all in to assist in decision making or some other purpose.   Kungphoo lets you capture both of these audiences under one roof and we assist in the promotion of all listings.  Thanks for checking out some of the benefits of kungphoo.


Follow the PHOO!! ~ The Sensei

Follow the PHOO!!
~ The Sensei





If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur looking to expand and get noticed, Kungphoo is the place for you. We are innovators in the field of social networking and social marketing.  For business owners or hobbyists, Kungphoo is an optimal platform from which to advertise… whether it’s deals, savings, or perhaps selling handcrafted items. What we offer is a novel way to spread your services to a vast majority of people who may otherwise never have seen it.

Kungphoo’s concept of social marketing is based on keeping your company close to and in touch with your individual customer base, through social media and networking. This approach allows customers to feel involved and appreciated, while also targeting your goal demographic. This is accomplished through the use of social circles, a Kungphoo specialty allowing users to group together by interest from all over the world.

Kungphoo is set up to allow social information gathering to gain insight into the hottest new trends, ideas or products-thus ensuring that you’ll never be behind the times. Try out Kungphoo today, and see how our unique services can be of benefit to you, your company, or your organization.


Follow the PHOO!! ~ The Sensei

Follow the PHOO!!
~ The Sensei

social circles for everyone

Put simply, social buying is the concept of gathering together a large group of like-minded people in order to get a good group deal or discount on a certain product or service. This both brings in business for the company and allows customers to get great deals and try new things. Of course, this is not a new idea, but at Kungphoo we bring a set of unique social networking and online marketing tools to take your social buying platform to new levels. Our ‘social circles’ concept allows both users and businesses to get together and form a social buying contract.

This can be used in many different applications. For example, consider a restaurant. If a group of users gets together and agrees to patronize a restaurant together, they may receive an offer or deal that they wouldn’t get if they went solo. Another useful application is the purchase of bulk goods. If a circle of 50 people agree to all buy a charm bracelet from a Kungphoo seller, the price of the bracelets will drop exponentially for the consumers, while the provider experiences an increase in business.

These are just a few isolated examples. But as you can see, social buying can be a huge advantage whether you’re a buyer or seller, and Kungphoo allows both consumers and companies to take advantage of these positives in an easy and free way.

Kungphoo Circle Listing BroadcastThe graph above explains all the different venues that your circle listing will take when you publish a listing.  At kungphoo we will internally promote your listings through our various marketing channels.  As the publisher, you can share and promote your listings via all the social networks or invite people via email all right from your listing.  This is a great way to centralize a listing to promote your business, find information, or get together with like-minded individuals across the street or across the globe.  Its all free and it only takes less than 5 minutes – so give it a shot at

linking your circle

We’ve had some confusion with people linking their circles either to facilitate a sale or to just take someone to another destination page to learn more about their listing, so we are using this blog to clarify a few things.

-In order to create a link to another page when someone joins your circle  (“buy link” button) you must choose “selling” when setting up your circle (even if you are not directly selling something; maybe you have a promotion or something to that effect, but you can still choose “selling”).

-After you select “selling” while in the circle creation process the “buy link” field will display where you must enter a url in the field either with www. or http://www. – if you are selling something via paypal than you can link directly into a paypal page for that specific thing you would like to accept payment for, by following these instructions “How can I build a default paypal link” (third question down).  This way, when someone clicks your “buy this” button it will take them directly into your paypal page displaying the specific thing you want to accept payment for.  Now all they have to do is enter payment info or login to paypal to complete the transaction.

-If you are not using paypal, you still must choose “selling,” but than its open for you to choose any destination link to enter into the “buy link” field, where you still must enter www. or http://www.  As soon as a someone joins your circle they will see the “buy this” button, that when clicked will take them to whatever link you chose to enter.  The link you enter is purely up to you – it could be your website, a shopping cart, or any destination where you want to provide more info.

-If you choose “selling” as your circle type and the buy link field is left blank, than the “buy this” button will not appear to people that join your circle.

-If you do choose to enter a buy link for your circle, try not to include any other links in your listing.  Too many links will confuse people and this will give them a better reason to join your circle.

-If you have any questions about how to setup linking for your circle, please do not hesitate to email us at


Follow the PHOO!! ~ The Sensei

Follow the PHOO!!
~ The Sensei