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Monthly Archives: September 2013

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3 S's of business small business

It’s said that 70 to 80% of people actually think about starting a business, so why do such a low number of people actually follow through with it?  Essentially when you start up a new business as a 1 or 2 person operation, you are basically an equity employee.  What that means is that although you are self employed, you are handling all the responsibilities of employees from advertising, to accounting, to sales to the mail.  You are working 18 hour days and many times getting paid much less than you would if you were an employee.  We are programmed to think that if we go into business for ourselves that it takes too much capital, we wont make money for at least 1 to 2 years (as you pay down expenses etc) and we have a very small chance of success.  There are simple things you can do before you start a business that can get you thinking out of the box and avoid many of these shortcomings.  They are known as the 3 S’s and they can be applied to any business or venture.

The 3 S’s are Structure, Self Sustainability, and Scalability – if you can implement these things correctly while setting up your business and constantly monitor them, you can set yourself up for success and get your business working for you.

Structure – depending on how you structure your business will determine on whether its self sustainable and scalable.  Its been said that you need tens of thousands to setup a business, but really you should be able to setup many businesses for a few thousand dollars or  even much less.  Reinventing the wheel is usually much harder than taking a business that’s already successful and changing a few things – its already working so there’s nothing new to take to market where you need to prove a concept.  Whatever structure you choose, make sure it is or can be made self-sustaining and scalable.

Self-Sustainability – this goes back to those 18 hour days mentioned earlier.  If your businesses is self-sustaining than you do not need to be there all the time – its making money, even when your not there.  After all that’s why you start a business, to have a better life, spend more time with your family etc. – Self sustainability can give you that luxury and that’s the difference between being rich and being wealthy.

Scalability – if you choose the correct structure and your business is self-sustaining than the beautiful thing is that it can be scaled.  Scalable businesses can be franchised, licensed etc, because the business model works and can be taught to others and resold with the same formula that keeps working – its a well oiled machine and as long as you keep adding oil it keeps working and you keep getting paid.

The 3 S’s are simply meant to be a guideline to assist you in any endeavor and get you thinking away from typical stereotypes  associated with starting a business, or becoming an entrepreneur.

Bonus S – SENSEI – the sensei’s at kungphoo are here to assist with your endeavor with a social marketing platform that will help promote, discuss and further your purpose.  Hope to see you in the DOJO!

Kungphoo ( ) is an easy to use, dynamic social marketing and commerce platform. You can buy, sell, promote or search for anything collectively with like-minded individuals, by creating purpose based ‘circles’ that people can join to talk about or take advantage of. Listings are promoted within the kungphoo marketplace as well as across the social media world.


Follow the PHOO! The Sensei~

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~

Direct to consumer marketing cut out the middle man with kungphoo

Direct to consumer marketing helps you take control of you’re message and cut out the middleman (and who like the middleman anyway?)

Avoid jumping through hoops to promote your core business or one time offers.

Brand your business while building a captive audience for your purpose, without the noise found on traditional social media sites.

Direct communication with consumers or publishers – public or private message individuals or everyone inside the circle with one click.

Come on over and check out the PHOO! – we’re adding some cool new features that we think you’ll like!

Kungphoo ( ) is an easy to use, dynamic social marketing and commerce platform. You can buy, sell, promote or search for anything collectively with like-minded individuals, by creating purpose based ‘circles’ that people can join to talk about or take advantage of. Listings are promoted within the kungphoo marketplace as well as across the social media world.


Marketing for your business promote my business direct to consumer

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~

kungphoo advantageDo you like sports? Well we are Yankee Fans and it seems like our team will not make the playoffs this year.. It was a hard year, as there were many injuries which made them a disappointing team at over 200 million. Hard to believe that a team that has a payroll of 200 million would not win the World Series.  That is one reason why football, basketball and hockey are competitive, they have salary caps.  Now we are just rambling about sports and their overpaid players…

kungphoo competive advantage

The big boys with the big payrolls have been winning the World Series of Social Media for a very, very long time, whether it be Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Ebay, Carigalist, and whomever is on their playing field.. But the past couple years the owners want to make more money to pay these players, they have started to included wild card teams (about 10 years now, but you get the point) And yes we at kungphoo are the sleeper of the wild cards.. The above “Big Boys” do not see us coming, do not have us on their radar, and they do not know what is going to hit them!

We have implemented a system like no other to assist people across the globe to Socially Shop, Have a Commerce Platform, Real-time Communications, Socially Market ANYTHING,  ANYTIME, ANYWAY YOU WANT IT!  If you combine all that they have done, it has paved the way for a new Social Medium with just about every feature anyone can ask for.  None of these sites are as dymanic as kungphoo is, or has a quick system to setup your circle.

So come on over to and sign in, create a circle or join a circle… Sky’s the limit with us!

Kungphoo ( ) is an easy to use, dynamic social marketing and commerce platform. You can buy, sell, promote or search for anything collectively with like-minded individuals, by creating purpose based ‘circles’ that people can join to talk about or take advantage of. Listings are promoted within the kungphoo marketplace as well as across the social media world.

Today we’re featuring listings concerning businesses that sell personalized or custom products. Personalized gifts let people know you went that extra step and they can be fun also!

Don’ take it personal, but its time to get started!

kungphoo Personalized Burlap Prints great gift or home decor





Personalized printed burlap, great for wedding gifts, shower gifts, baby shower, house warming and more. Our personalized burlap prints can be customized just for you. – These are not only great gifts, but provide great decor in any house or business! So check them out today!


Kungphoo Custom Guitar Picks customized theme or imagesCustom printed guitar picks are great for bands, wedding favors, or just someone wanting a single guitar pick for a unique gift. – These are really cool for any music enthusiast!


kungphoo send out cards





For just a dollar, Sendoutcards Can Help Your Business Whether you are a dentist, salesperson or office worker, there has never been an easier way to send a genuine thank you, reminder or follow-up card. – We tested this service and it really works great for sending a personalized gift, card or message.

Hope you enjoyed our personalized circles.  If you have any questions, feel free to join the circles and you can speak directly with the publishers!

Kungphoo Sensei - Marketing and advertising for your business

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~

kungphoo ingredients

Have you ever thought that your business was like baking some sweet treats?  If you think about that analogy you probably will agree with us.  Think about what you do when you go to friends house to talk about  You think, hmmm, what can i bring.  Beer, Wine, or i can bring some nice sweet treats for the “kids”. Lets go over the process:

Step 1: Get the ingredients (or box) – this can be related to saying OK i have a busieness now i just need to get it going.. why not go on kungphoo and post on their site that i have a grand opening of my business or i am open for business.

Step2: Pour the ingredients into the bowl to mix – This is where you get all your social media mixed together so that everyone you know and that they know will hear about your business.  This is where you post on kungphoo that you have a great deal for everyone.

Step 3: Pour the mixed ingredients into the pan- Now that you have all your social ingredients ready to put your plan into action.

Step 4: Put in the Oven on High! – Now that you social media is solid, and your kungphoo circle is polished up, you now look for your leads.

Step 5: The Frosting- As you frost your treat, you are thinking about all the smiling faces who have viewed/joined your circle.. this makes you very happy as well

ok so by now you have to be thinking 2 things… are the Sensei’s hungry or just plain old nuts! (we do not put nuts in our treats because we do not know who has allergies)

So here is where the fun come into play…

Step 6: The gathering – As you pull up to your gathering, you put your treats in front of your social network… You have just Socially Marketed your treats to your new audience, and are gathering information on who likes what.  Just like in kungphoo, you and us Socially Market your circle to many people looking to gather information on what you are doing!

Step 7: Eat those treats! We have nothing on that one.

Follow the PHOO! The Sensei~

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~


Kungphoo blackbeltEven the greatest products are nothing without great marketing.  As any type of business or organization you must know that marketing is the key component to success.  It’s also very costly and complex as there are thousands of different options to choose from, so you have to decide where you can get  the best bang for your buck and if you are a new business you may have no or limited bucks to spend.

What you soon learn is that unless you have a mega budget there are very few people that will market your business with the same intensity that you do!  Its that good old “whats in it for me” cliche.  So you’ve  tried a few different strategies and as of late you haven’t seen any results, so what do you do?  You cant keep spending heavy dollars and receiving light results if any.

Before you insert your website link around the web, make sure you focus on your message and your brand. What are you trying to convey about what you’re selling or promoting?  Lets face it, there may be a thousand products or services out there that are comparable to yours, so how can you differentiate yourself? Maybe you are cheaper, better quality, free shipping, hassle free ordering, but will this resonate with your target audience or have they seen it all before? Come back to your brand because emotions are powerful purchase drivers when it comes to people making buying decisions.  If you can touch someone with your message, not only will they make that first purchase, but they will likely become a repeat or life-time customer and advocate.  When you create advocates for your brand, you create word-of-mouth-marketing, which is the most powerful form of advertising that you can’t put a price on.

After your message is branded and honed, than take it out to the masses using all of the free Social Media and Marketing websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Kungphoo, Twitter, G+ etc.

Remember, if you can touch people on an emotional level, they will listen to what you have to say and may even become an advocate for it!


Follow the PHOO! The Sensei~

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~




imagesThe government is saying that the economy is picking up and the job rates are lowering.. Are they for real??? The only reason that they are saying this is because many people have to come off of unemployment when their time runs out.  There was a job fair recently in our town, and before the doors opened, there was an estimated 300 people waiting to get in.  So what does that tell us? That tells us that they are wrong about the economic status of this country.

There are many work from home companies, which are amazing, but that is not for everyone.  There are many jobs out there that people are way over qualified for, so some employers will not hire them.  And what about the person who applies for a job and says i need to feed my family, and i cannot work for less than $25 an hour.  Or what about the person who says please hire me i don’t care what you pay me, i just want to work.

While these are real scenarios, and it hurts us to this happening, but its a harsh reality..  So about now you are thinking, how can i use to find a job.. Well here is our take on it.


Sometimes in our lives we need to take risks, even though we really do not want to, sometimes its out of necessity. On our platform, we have a NO Risk Circle, now you are saying huh… A No Risk Circle is a circle where you can sell anything and you do not have to have the inventory in your garage!  If you go to the local retail store, and ask for the manager, there are so many products that they cannot get rid of.  So strike a deal with them, and say allocate 10 items to you to sell.  Make sure they give you a good deal on them, so you can make profit.  Open a circle selling these 10 items, and once you start selling them, you get the money in your payment account.  The next step is you going back to the store and purchase the items to ship out!  Unlike the other big sites, they want you to have everything in stock, ready to ship out on an instant.. not us, we want you to success in the Social Commerce of this up and coming area.  We will Socially Market the circle for you as we will do for any circle!

So why not give this a try? NO RISK NO REWARD! Earn some extra money, the holidays are coming and we can all use some money to buy your Sensei some gifts!


Follow the PHOO! The Sensei~

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~

money hole

I woke up this morning wanting a twinkie and it made me think about the good and the bad of marketing your business on and off the web.  For years the twinkie was known as the snack food of choice for everyone, as they branded themselves like no other snack food.  When you thought of a treat, you though of a twinkie – that fluffy, foamy pastry with the delicious white surprise inside – what could be better?

Unfortunately, as consumer trends began to change and hostess encountered a number of labor related issues the company ultimately faced bankruptcy, but this household snack wasn’t ready to die just yet.  After being off the shelves for almost eight months, consumer demand began to build and hostess was sold and re-branded to target a new generation snackers.  They came back big and bold as “The sweetest comeback in the history of ever.”

Even the best brands and best people will fall, but its how fast we get up that matters.  Although the twinkie had a great brand, they still had to tweak it to stay inline with a changing demographic and target audience that changed their buying behaviors.  Staying dynamic and finding new audiences is more important than ever in the new social world we live in.

Kungphooo is like a twinkie, because on the outside we look like a simple treat, but when you get inside we have delicious features that will help you satisfy the craving for dynamic social marketing features needed by businesses and marketers today, in order to stay ahead of the curve and fill the hole.

So stop by today and start filling the hole!


Follow the PHOO! The Sensei~

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~




title ideas kungphoo

When you scan websites for content or ads to read, what’s the first thing that jumps out at you besides a photo?

A well written title is worth a thousand words.   Having the nicest furniture on the block is great, but if your lawn is dead and sunburn, the odds are that no one will want to walk inside.

Without a great title, you have very low odds of a click through due to the overwhelming amount of content and noise on the internet.

Some quick tips:

Write your title before you write your ad or content – it’s easier to build good content around a good title than the reverse.

Show passion – if you’re selling something let your passion shine through in the title of your ad – show you believe yours is the best!

Catch attention – be catchy and use symbols and spacing when appropriate !#*^

You can also use these tips when opening circles on kungphoo in order to get more exposure, more people to join your circle and build a captive audience for your purpose.


Follow the PHOO! The Sensei~

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~



kungphoo invite

The other day we launched a new feature that will allow you to invite all your friends into  We have always had a way for you to email people into your circle, but even we though it was confusing to use, so we never really promoted it until now!

Next to all the sharing icons, you will notice an “INVITE” mail envelope.  It is white and all the way to the right!  Once you click on that icon, it is going to ask you what email system you want to use.  We tried to give everyone the most popular email programs to use, so there is no confusion.  There is Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Outlook Webmail… Once you click on any of these it will open or as you to log into your email system.

Once logged in you will have a chance to put anyone into the “TO” area just like you would be sending a normal email.  This puts a link into the email back to your circle, and you can say whatever you want into the body of the email that will bring people into your Purpose Based Circle! This is considered an area of Social Marketing.  You can target anyone you want, and this will help get the word out!

But DO NOT STOP there… we have Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and have now added in Linkedin.  Make sure you share your circles out daily to get maximum exposure on it, and bring people in to see what your purpose is.  These sites also comes up when you click on the invite button, it allows you to log into the major social media sites.

People ask us daily how can we get more people into our circles and get the maximum exposure. This is one way that you can maximize your exposure and show everyone your purpose.

Follow the PHOO! The Sensei~

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~