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Monthly Archives: March 2015

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Why Kungphoo is Not Like The Others

Here to tell you WHY kungphoo is NOT like the others!

Lots of sites make you BIG promises and many require BIG budgets to place ads, advertise or promote your business in noisy or uncharted environments, most of which Business simply cannot afford monetarily or time wise.

Kungphoo is NOT like other sites or services and here’s why:

The others are restricted in nature, kungphoo is NOT, we are FREE and offer FREEDOM!

The others are flat in nature, kungphoo is NOT, we are ROUND offering connectivity and zero angles!

The others are Status quo, kungphoo is NOT, we have BROKEN AWAY and BUSTED THROUGH!

The others are Noisy and without purpose, kungphoo is NOT, we are all PURPOSE BASED so the noise is ELIMINATED!

The others  are short term, kungphoo is NOT, we provide BRANDING and DO NOT EXPIRE options so you can BUILD a CAPTIVE, LASTING AUDIENCE!

The others are labor intensive, kungphoo is NOT, we offer a dynamic, differentiated marketplace where you can SIMPLY  place branded ads with ONE CLICK!

Come take a bite out of different at kungphoo… hope see you in the dojo!


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Kick your Advertising & Promotion up a notch!


Free Platform To Promote Your Business Online


Free Platform To Promote Your Business Online

With the influence the internet has on almost every aspect of our lives today, it makes perfect sense for business to move online. Most of us are accustomed to retailers selling content on the web, and the number of consumers purchasing products and services electronically is rising exponentially. A free platform for buying & selling and promoting your business is a potential hot spot for convenience, efficiency, and success.

A Brief Overview

A free platform is available to just about anyone – those looking for specific items, as well as those extending merchandise to purchasers. Much like on social media websites, these people can unite together in groups, converse about their needs and offerings, and carry out transactions over the web. It is the next step in retailing and obtaining goods in the cyber arena.

A Community For Purchasing

For those who browse the web for deals and steals, as well as particular products and services, a communal system for consumers and businesses is like an oasis of comfort, ease, and purchasing opportunities. When using this kind of online platform, buyers can search and find groups of people who are looking for the same products as them. Moreover, consumers can join groups and meet sellers who are offering exactly what they want. Customers can converse with each other about the things they have purchased from online retailers, and contact retail businesses that appeal to them. This creates a fun and relaxing shopping environment, as well as one that is extremely easy to maneuver.

A Hub For Sellers

In much the same way, these free online platforms are beneficial for those selling goods as well. Small businesses that are scoping out a clientele can get in touch with consumers and start conversations about desired commodities and services. Marketing a business online is easier than ever with such a system. By getting into other groups of buyers and sellers, a company can promote their goods and provide for a demographic that suits them perfectly. Building a loyal client base and establishing a trusted reputation becomes even easier when using a community like this.

Convenience Is Key

Taking the leap to join the cyber crowd of customers and business people is a smart choice for those searching for a convenient and efficient method for obtaining the products they want or marketing the goods they offer. People are more open to online commerce than ever before, and the trend is only going to continue. Anyone can take advantage of this useful shopping technique.

Visit Kungphoo at a free platform to promote you business online for free.

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Kick your Advertising & Promotion up a notch!


Kungphoo Launching Lots of Tools for Small Businesses & Advertisers

Introducing to my Left, fighting out of the red corner….


Folks we have launched a new kungphoo home page, making it more user friendly for advertisers looking to post ads and consumers looking to find those ads in the first of its kind marketplace.

Advertising, has truly never been so easy as it is now, with kungphoo.

Now you can:

Post Branded Ads with one click – no waiting, no verifying, no flagging, no blocking, no friending – NO, NO, NO… Just say NO! (Sorry, we got tired of jumping through hoops, so yeah we did something about it)

Invite – Your circle is a captive, branded ad where you can invite interested parties to come and discuss your ad or your topic of choice – whether you are selling products or services, promoting your core business or brand, offering a deal, or just looking to reach a new audience with your marketing message… you can do it with a kungphoo circle in a matter of minutes!

Build – Build a captive audience for your ad – unlike other ads that expire and disappear out of the realm of existence, kungphoo ads never expire if you like – so your ad takes on a life of its own… you can build a captive audience of interested people discussing, sharing, and inviting others into your circle to discuss your message and build a tribe of advocates to move you up in the social sphere….

Purpose – what are we here for, seriously? Well look, we know why we post an ad, promote our business, advertise… yeah we want more business, we have purpose – but we all want more – when everyone wants more, it creates a lot of noise from a lot of people striving to be heard and a lot of times no one is heard – this is what you find in big social media, a lot of noise makes it hard for you to rise above… With a kungphoo purpose based circle, find the people who care about your message.

Don’t Blink – there’s a lot more kick right around the corner, we’re launching lots of never seen before tools for Small Businesses and Advertisers to extend their reach without extending their pockets… Please stay tuned to for the show!

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Kicking your advertising & promotions up a notch!