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Monthly Archives: April 2015

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Small Business Can’t Run On Fumes - Passion Will Only Take You So Far Without The Purse


The expenses and overhead that accompany making a Small Business become big, are becoming bigger and bigger day by day, making it increasingly difficult to compete and pass on the types of generational businesses we were used to seeing pass through 10 and 20 years ago… The ones that grew into Walmarts, Targets, McDonalds and other behemoths.

These big players have deep pockets, which affords them pricing power, volume discounts, unlimited advertising budgets; giving them national branding, exposure and presence.

Even harder for the small guy….Red Tape, hoops to jump through, bureaucracy equals a higher cost of doing business, more time spent with paperwork and attorneys and less time spent on business, the days of doing business on a handshake are over unfortunately, for good…

Small Business can’t run on fumes, they need sufficient capital to run smoothly, this is the biggest challenge – Passion will only take you so far without the purse, because there is a lot of downtime before you can build a successful business, you may need to try many different strategies, before you find the right one – and this trial and error can be costly without revenue or profits.  As passionate as business owners are, when the bills start coming in and the lights need to stay on, they may move on….

Luckily, Alternative Online Lending Solutions such as Kabbage are now available, making it much easier for Small Businesses to access capital.  These types of sites, cut out the red tape, with instant lending decisions, no paperwork, no faxing, no unreturned phone calls, no waiting weeks for bad news…. They are giving it to you strait forward and fast – This is why they are gaining popularity in the Small Business Arena.

( is an easy to use, Dynamic Advertising Marketplace. You can buy, sell, promote or search for anything collectively with like-minded individuals by creating purpose-based ‘circles’ that people can join to talk about or take advantage of. Listings are promoted within the kungphoo marketplace, Social Media and across the web.


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Kick Your Advertising and Promotion Up A Notch!

Small Business, Big Dilemma

There is a big dilemma facing Small Business:

How do I advertise my business?

The internet is one big advertisement right?

Wherever you go you are plastered with ads, popups, email blasts etc… you don’t want to see the ads? Than pay me you are told.  You are profiled based on your demographic, geographic, shopping history and many more traits that advertisers can find about you…

The big question, is any of this doing anything for the average Small Business owner’s advertising efforts, the answer is most likely a BIG NO! This is the Dilemma –

Most of the time you will not see ads for mom and pops or local dry cleaners, or your etsy shop owner or ebay seller – the ads you see will be from the bigger players with the bigger budgets…

So where are the Small Businesses turning to online??

1) They are told you need a Facebook Page, very true – In today’s society you need a Social Presence, Some customers will like to check your facebook page and its good for the search engine ranking as well.. How much SALES will an actual small business derive from a facebook page, its to be determined and depends on the nature of the business and following you can create about your business, product, or service.  A facebook paid ad will certainly ramp up views of the ad and allow you to target a specific demographic, but can be costly for a Small Business with no to Small Advertising budget.

2)Website – This one is purely obvious, but with millions of websites, unless you are promoting it, you are just like a storefront business on a backstreet without a sign, and not many, if any at all customers will come inside.

3)SEO & Pay per click – Here’s a big one many people are touting, and its definitely big if you can take advantage of it.  Again, this sort of becomes an advertising budget game, because the bigger players or players with more clout, can sometimes own the market or the 1st 2 pages (which are the only pages that matter).  This should definitely not be ignored, because these are the customers that are looking for you – hot and ready buyers vs passive buyers that you may find on a facebook.

4)Marketplace / Classified Websites – Here’s one that the Smaller Businesses are certainly turning to for instant exposure.  The key here is instant exposure, the power to be able to place an ad, many times for free into a crowd of people seeking what you are selling is what is appealing to many Small Business Owners, online sellers and advertisers.  Another nice part about a marketplace is you can think of it as a an online mall and a website as a one off store… So the nice thing about the mall (marketplace) is you get the traffic, which can sometimes result in unintended purchases.

Now you can see the big Dilemma facing Small Business, where do I turn, where do I promote my business??

There are lots of options, but if you don’t have a big budget marketplace and classified websites are a great place to start, to gain some instant exposure and awareness and point people back to your website.

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Kick Your Advertising & Promotion Up A Notch!