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Monthly Archives: November 2015

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selling product vs selling a brand

All too often businesses are tempted to focus on the product they have for sale, rather than their brand…

So what are you really selling?

-Sellers of products are short lived…

-Sellers of brands create brand loyalty and relationships…

So why the focus on product?

-A product you can touch and feel and explain

-A brand has to be imagined and massaged

It’s easy to say, “we have the best and cheapest trinket on the market,”and yes, in some industries that works, but those are not the industries you want to be in or the customers you want.

A customer focused only on price will shop anywhere and everywhere to get the best price, they don’t care about your brand, your yelp rating, or how many likes you have on facebook… Most likely they aren’t coming back to you, because the next time around it’s likely they will find it cheaper somewhere else  – Understandable.

BUT – what if your branding resonates with customers, so they won’t go somewhere else, in fact, they refuse to deal with anyone else? Does this happen?

Have you ever had such a good experience somewhere, that you were actually happy to pay more, and you couldn’t wait to tell everyone you knew about the experience – maybe it was a level of professionalism, an attention to detail you have never seen, a level of expertise in the respective field you have never encountered, ease of use of the product – whatever it was it just sat well with you.

Folks, this part of your brand, and a big part – your mission statement as a business, as to what is important to you, to deliver to your customers and stick to in your business plan, day in and day out.

Your brand is more than your logo or tag-line, you see these are just eye catching tools that represent your mission statement as a business.

When you have a powerful mission statement that truly differentiates you, it will impact your brand and your customers –  You won’t just be selling a product, you will be selling a brand.

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