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kungphoo advantageDo you like sports? Well we are Yankee Fans and it seems like our team will not make the playoffs this year.. It was a hard year, as there were many injuries which made them a disappointing team at over 200 million. Hard to believe that a team that has a payroll of 200 million would not win the World Series.  That is one reason why football, basketball and hockey are competitive, they have salary caps.  Now we are just rambling about sports and their overpaid players…

kungphoo competive advantage

The big boys with the big payrolls have been winning the World Series of Social Media for a very, very long time, whether it be Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Ebay, Carigalist, and whomever is on their playing field.. But the past couple years the owners want to make more money to pay these players, they have started to included wild card teams (about 10 years now, but you get the point) And yes we at kungphoo are the sleeper of the wild cards.. The above “Big Boys” do not see us coming, do not have us on their radar, and they do not know what is going to hit them!

We have implemented a system like no other to assist people across the globe to Socially Shop, Have a Commerce Platform, Real-time Communications, Socially Market ANYTHING,  ANYTIME, ANYWAY YOU WANT IT!  If you combine all that they have done, it has paved the way for a new Social Medium with just about every feature anyone can ask for.  None of these sites are as dymanic as kungphoo is, or has a quick system to setup your circle.

So come on over to and sign in, create a circle or join a circle… Sky’s the limit with us!

Kungphoo ( ) is an easy to use, dynamic social marketing and commerce platform. You can buy, sell, promote or search for anything collectively with like-minded individuals, by creating purpose based ‘circles’ that people can join to talk about or take advantage of. Listings are promoted within the kungphoo marketplace as well as across the social media world.

45 Thoughts on “Game on with the big boys!

  1. Awesome! Never sleep people! I believe you.

  2. Its amazing that Kungphoo provides such great systems that enables ease relative to Commerce, Marketing and Communications. Its really an
    advantage to be working hand in hand with Kungphoo.

  3. So LOVE your analogy. Still trying to figure out how my one-of-a-kind product can be marketed on your site.

  4. I love the way your market this! Hmmmm….must take the time to read up on all of it. Sounds exciting! Thanks so much for sharing. Game On with the Big Girls as well… 🙂

  5. I like that picture it shows a lot about how prepared the business needs to be!

  6. There are just so many aspects to now to marketing your product! I’m just grateful I have been enlightened by the Sensei!!!

  7. You are the sleeper card come out with a full punch! I love the ease you offer for people to navigate your platform and get assistance if needed.

  8. This is a great analogy! I;m going to pass it on to the florist blog right now.

  9. I have a Kungphoo account and am learning almost every day how I can use it more effectively for my business!

  10. Socially Shop…very interesting concept. Can’t wait to see how it works out!

  11. You are so very creative in your ability to make your social circle help in so many areas.

  12. Excellent post as usual Robert! I love how you tie in current events with your business!

  13. Kungphoo Is becoming a well known name for marketing and helping other businesses to grow bigger.

  14. I love the visuals you provide! Thanks!

  15. I agree! Ecommerce is so big now that there,s no reason why anyone cant get online and selling!

  16. I like your posting very informative!

  17. Sensei – you have done it again! You’ve managed to entertain me, encourage me, and inspire me to get to work!!! Well done!

  18. Just completed a new circle yesterday.

  19. It’s amazing how many things this platform is able to offer, good to know more info about Kungphoo! Thank you!

  20. So often the “little guy,” being underestimated by the “big guys,” can achieve great things before ever being noticed. Congratulations on following that same strategy. I know it has worked for us in our international consulting world …

  21. These are exciting times for you Robert, great article, just love your graphic 🙂

  22. Heather Real on October 9, 2013 at 12:34 pm said:

    Great article! I will have to check it out more!

  23. If you should be clipping deals, put in a binder for your list of items.

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