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Do you find it painful to post a classified ad, list a product or service, or post a coupon to the rescue! We take the pain out of promoting your business, and have an ease of use platform that provides consumers a socially driven marketplace to discuss, and take advantage of offers.  You can buy, sell, promote or search for anything collectively with Like-minded individuals, by creating purpose based circles that people can join to talk about or take advantage of.

During our Research and development stages we have seen that there was a big void in these spaces.  Many small and large business were unable to effectively Socially Market their business without getting turned down, or had to jump through many hoops in order to get things done.  Or if you are approved for a coupon site, you have to give away the house and hope people return to pay you full price.  None of these sites allow you to collectively communicate with anyone except maybe the the person who has the offer.


Well, Homey don’t play those games! We have taken all their bad habits, and transformed a platform that will allow for Ease of Use, Create a listing at anytime, day or night, and invite whomever you want to your party! Tell everyone about your grand opening, new offer, special product, a new service your offer, or ask a question.  This is how a dymanic site works! puts the control in your hands to promote what you want, not what we tell you!

Kungphoo ( is an easy to use, dynamic social marketing and commerce platform. You can buy, sell, promote or search for anything collectively with like-minded individuals by creating purpose-based ‘circles’ that people can join to talk about or take advantage of. Listings are promoted within the kungphoo marketplace as well as across the social media world.

Follow the PHOO! The Sensei~

Follow the PHOO!
The Sensei~




54 Thoughts on “Homey don’t play that!

  1. How did you know I’m a clown? Yes, a real clown? My dad was a Shrine clown, and I became a Lady Shrine Clown about 20 years ago!! I love this graphic and I love Phoo!

  2. I just love this post. As for clowns…they still scare me! LOL! Great article and am loving Kungphoo! Love this: “Kungphoo puts the control in your hands to promote what you want, not what we tell you!” Love it! 🙂

  3. This is nice to know about homey and it’s services and clown is always my favourite.

  4. Luisa Otero on October 10, 2013 at 1:22 pm said:

    This is so on point & so true my friend. None of these sites allow you to collectively communicate with anyone except maybe the person who has the offer. I will for share spread this message. Good stuff, thank you.

  5. I’ve put Kungphoo in my planner for Saturday to place a coupon and who knows what else!!

  6. I love Kungphoo! Thanks for all you do

  7. chose kungphoo to promote your bizz!

  8. Kungphoo really has it all. Can we pick how long we want the coupon to stay up for?

  9. Nicole Gillespie on October 11, 2013 at 5:13 am said:

    Go the Phoo! Except that clown scares me! I have a phobia of clowns lol!

  10. That was really cute using Homey! Such a funny gig! Great explanation, too… Reminds me, I’ve got a few circles to create!

  11. Thank you for the information. I will go take a look further in the next days.

  12. Thanks for taking the “bite” out of marketing Robert. “Homey, Don’t play that” made me smile and relax a bit today…

  13. Homey is amazing along with KungPhoo and all it’s products and services!

  14. Homey here is afraid of clowns, but great pic to grab out attention! Your company seems really amazing.

  15. Savannah-Lin Dofa on October 11, 2013 at 2:31 pm said:

    Sad to say.. I am scared of Clowns…….. but I always look forward to reading your article!.. I just cringed up when I saw the pic hahaha..

  16. I am so deathly afraid of clowns, BUT I had to read just to see why you had such a weird picture to start off your article! You did a very nice job incorporating the images with what you were trying to promote (even if i don’t like clowns – it sure got my attention)!

  17. I hate jumping through hoops for anything. I am so glad your provide a user friendly platform with good customer service for those of us who like the easy way.

  18. Veronica on October 11, 2013 at 6:30 pm said:

    I have tried those deal sites in the past and it was not a great experience or very beneficial to me. Seems Kungphoo is exactly what’s needed for this void in the market! Awesomeness!

  19. Seems like a lot of people are afraid of clowns! My kids as well! Less scary is the type of services that you offer. Well done!

  20. I love your “Homey Don’t Play Dat” graphic:) Great services Kungphoo:)

  21. Yes! I hate spending so much time putting together ads! I like that Kungphoo makes it easier!

  22. Very informative post! Kungphoo indeed has it all for your business needs. How often do you update your services?

    • Sensei on October 14, 2013 at 7:53 am said:

      Thanks Lorii! We have allot on the back burner.. just need to raise a little capital to get things done.. we have an Indiegogo campaign running now, check it out! We are going to be rolling about some great features that will help everyone in the next few months.

  23. ahhhh I remember homey the clown from in living color! Great use of familiar images to aide in your marketing message!

  24. I love Kungphoo I always learn something new. Great for beginners like myself.

  25. You made me smile Robert.
    ” Kungphoo dot come to the rescue! “

  26. It is really hard to run a business and give someone a discount never knowing if they are going to come back and make it worth your time. I guess that is why it is so important to always give your “A” game! That way, you did all you can to earn repeat business.

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