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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s kungphoo?

Posted under About Kungphoo

​Kungphoo is a platform for buyers, sellers, promoters and information seekers to come together for a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship – It let’s you buy, sell, search or promote anything collectively to maximize desired outcomes.

Is there a charge for kungphoo?

How do merchants benefit?

Posted under Promoting Your Circle

​Merchants are able to promote their products, services, & offerings directly through kungphoo to groups of people all expressing interest & talking about the offering – yielding higher volume orders, competitive pricing, word of mouth marketing & a social presence across all social networks.

How do consumers benefit?

Posted under Promoting Your Circle

Because merchants promote their offerings to groups or circles they’re able to offer more competitive prices. Consumers can converse directly with anyone in the same circle (including the circle owner), share circles with friends and family, across social networks or anyone to maximize members and/or find what they’re seeking.

How does a circle work?

Posted under Circle Management

Whats a circle?

The platform by which,buyers, sellers, promoters and information seekers collaborate to achieve their desired outcomes i.e. buying, selling, offering deals, discounts, coupons etc. or just looking for information on anything.

What is My Circles?

​Inside My Circles you can view all of your created and joined circles. From here you can jump directly into a circle and join in the conversations or edit your created circles.

How do I join a circle?

Drag your image into any circle(s) and you will become a member. Depending on your settings you will receive email alerts and messages pertaining to the circles as they evolve. On any mobile device, once you are logged in, you will tap on the icon to join the circle. Depending on your settings you will receive email alerts and messages pertaining to the circles as they evolve.

How do I leave a circle?

You can leave a circle at any time by clicking the leave box next to the circle. All of the messages and alerts will automatically cease. On any mobile device, once you are already in the circle, you can tap on the icon to leave the circle. All of the messages and alerts will automatically cease.

How do I create a circle?

Choose a circle purpose and fill in the required fields. We urge you to be as detailed as possible in your descriptions. Once you complete the Easy to Use Sign up form hit submit – it’s that simple!

Detailed Steps:

Click Your Account top right hand


Click sign up here or login

-If you click sign up here

-fill in the appropriate info

- hit submit

-An email will go to your email for


-click on the link in the email, and

your account will be verified

-if you click login, Choose the way

you intend to login, email, username or facebook.

-input your login information that

you input when you signed up.

Once Logged in click Create a Circle

-Fill in the Circle Name

-Fill in the Circle Type

-Make sure you specify how long you

want the circle to run for using the duration slider

-Category is important, specify a


-Specify a location

-Upload a picture if you have one (

jpg, jpeg, gif, png.)

-For selling circles, make sure you

specify condition

-For selling/buying circles make

sure you specify quantity

-For selling circles make sure you

specify Offer price


-Selling Circles – Make sure you

specify Sales tax (if any), shipping rates, how you want to get paid

-Selling Circles – Make sure you

leave a contact email or website in the description

-Information Circles – Tell everyone

what you are trying to convey in a very descriptive manner

-Buying Circles – Specify the exact

model you are looking for (if its a product), if you know, ask for reviews,

websites, and any experiences others have had

How do I search circles?

Posted under Circle Management

​Circle Search:

After logging in

Click Browse Circles

Click Circle Search

Open Circles will be on the screen


Refine your search by:


Selecting Locations or Categories

Type = Buying, Selling or Information



How can I share circles?

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You can share circles on all the major social networks such as facebook, twitter, pinterest etc. as well as email sharing – To share with multiple email contacts you can click the email envelope and choose your email client to include any or all of your contacts to share out your circle (gmail, hotmail, AOL, yahoo, Outlook).

Can anyone open circle?

Posted under About Kungphoo

​Yes - There are no restrictions for opening a circle. As long as you are looking to buy, sell, promote products, services, offerings, information etc. we welcome you to open a circle & share it with as many people as possible. The more people join your circle the bigger the benefit to everyone.

Is my circle public?

Posted under About Kungphoo

​Yes, everyone can see your circle, but only people who join will be able to make comments, send private messages, & share circles.

What are Hot circles?

Posted under About Kungphoo

Hot Circles are the circles that are joined the most, or have the most activity at any given time.