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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I navigate Kungphoo on a mobile device?

​Depending on the orientation of the mobile device, there maybe a navigate option at the top. If you see this click on it, this will create a scroll to “your account”, a check mark will apply, click done, and a login window will come up. You can use this scroll as your complete navigation area when the phone is in portrait position, as this “acts” as the website header in this position.

How do I join a circle on a mobile device?

​Click the “join” button and you will be placed in the circle where you can discuss the circle or private message anyone inside the circle. You can also share it to Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or email it to your contact list.

How do I leave a circle on a mobile device?

​Click “Leave” button and you will be removed from the circle.

How do I logout on a mobile device?

Click navigate and click logout.​